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Sep 2016
Sep 01 2016 07:20
Hi Everyone, I have build an application in Angular 2 and now I want to deploy it.
Kindly help me out as I am facing issues to deploy the app
Navin Saini
Sep 01 2016 12:00
@mannuodesk I have same problem :worried:
Dominik Gätjens
Sep 01 2016 12:04
just npm build:prod and copy the created static html+js files into an webserver?
maybe you need to describe your problem with a little more detail
Sep 01 2016 12:14
@mannuodesk you need a reverse proxy like nginx, that is pointing to your /dist folder, which is created after running npm:build:prod
npm run build:prod
so goes to /dist, which renders index.html etc..
Navin Saini
Sep 01 2016 13:33
@mannuodesk put your dist folder code into the server root directory where you point your website address.
No extra code need to upload like node_modules,src or package.json file.
All the files are bundled into the dist folder.
I put my dist folder code into root server and its working fine :smile:
Stef Heyenrath
Sep 01 2016 18:25

@rjlee7 : you need something like

require('zone.js/dist/proxy'); // since zone.js 0.6.15
require('zone.js/dist/jasmine-patch'); // put here since zone.js 0.6.14

See updated