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Sep 2016
Sep 12 2016 07:30
Can not manage to make Debugger for Chrome work with my webpack (in VSCode). When i launch debugging from VSCode, some "invisible" breakpoint fires in file "eval: 83", but in every other component breakpoints are "unverified". In the same time, webpack-starter example works and debugging good. But i can't find difference, launch.json-s are the same. And everything else almost identical (between my project and webpack-starter example), what should i check?? Or what should i show you that will help with this problem?
Marinho Brandão
Sep 12 2016 09:30
hi guys, I'm using ng2-redux, which has its own AppState, while angular2-webpack-starter also provides its own in app.service.ts ... we keep both in our project, but I m just asking myself, shouldn't I have just one of them? Probably ng2-redux' one?
Sep 12 2016 18:02
i am probably going to go with this for my project.
with that said
i want to use a task runner. it seems though that the grunt integration is more popular than gulp
your thoughts
Graham Churchley
Sep 12 2016 19:02
Anybody using TestBed.createComponent? I want to set @Inputs on my component prior to creation to mimic invocation in real use. How do I this?