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Sep 2016
Mayur Bhatt
Sep 16 2016 14:38
Hi All
I am building a website using angular2 rc5 webpack cli
i am facing an issue with router
as i need to use one router and show different content based on request params
e.g. /page/:section
where it should display page content based on :section param
  • : section
routeLink i have created those links in HTML template
links gets rendered properly
but, it does not change content of page on change of : section
any help will be much appreciated
    path: 'page/:section',
    component: PageComponent
this works for just first time, but when i click the link on rendered page which bring user to same page with different section name, it does not render new content
based on different value of : section
varun sharma
Sep 16 2016 18:11
I followed the steps however at one point it says locate file /src/app/app.ts and there is a file with different name /src/app/app.e2e.ts. Please suggest if I shall rename of use it as is
did anyone succeed to run the webpack starter
i am new to angular2 and trying to get it up and running on my machine
any help will be appreciated
Sep 16 2016 19:27
Hi! Do you know why my <root> element missing from the index.html after a reload? How should I fix it?
Ryan Langton
Sep 16 2016 19:27
@Varun9810096427_twitter no do not rename, app.ts and app.e2e.ts are completely different things
Sep 16 2016 19:29
I think I deleted, renamed or updated something so the HMR feature fails on the first reload with an error: "Error: The selector "main-layout" did not match any elements" --- <main-layout> is the name of my main component.
When I manually refresh the page everything works again, my site appears fine.
Steven Demurjian Jr.
Sep 16 2016 19:36
why does app.component not have a templateURL file, instead it is embedded. is this a design choice or an oversight?