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Sep 2016
Rahul Patil
Sep 22 2016 05:51
If I have built an app using angular2 webpack starter and there is an update, what is the right way to update my custom app?
Sep 22 2016 08:25
@rahulrulez there's no straight-forward way, it all depends on how the repo is designed and how the authors apply their changes. It also depends how portable you design your own code to be.
Marinho Brandão
Sep 22 2016 13:07

does anyone experience this error too?


I‘m using 2.0.0 and latest commit of angular2-webpack-starter

Yaroslav Oshyyko
Sep 22 2016 13:17
hy guys. There is any up to date tutorial how to integrate Angular Universal to this starter?
Ryan Langton
Sep 22 2016 16:08
is anyone else having problems with tests when your components use external html/css? it looks like these files are not being included in the test bundle
    Failed: Uncaught (in promise): Failed to load shift-census-cell.component.html
    Error: Uncaught (in promise): Failed to load shift-census-cell.component.html
    selector: 'sb-shift-census-cell',
    templateUrl: 'shift-census-cell.component.html',
    styleUrls: ['shift-census-cell.component.scss']
yet they appear to be in the loaders.. webpack.test.js
        { test: /\.css$/, loaders: ['to-string-loader', 'css-loader'], exclude: [helpers.root('src/index.html')] },
        { test: /\.html$/, loader: 'raw-loader', exclude: [helpers.root('src/index.html')] }
oh does my test build need the angular2-template-loader?
Ryan Langton
Sep 22 2016 16:19
yep I needed to add the angular2-template-loader to my webpack.test.js file.. surprised the starter pack isn't set up to be able to run ATP specs with external templates, since that's probably the way 90% of projects will be set up :)
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
Sep 22 2016 17:20
Hi, anyone can suggest me how to use the intro.js package with Angular 2 or this project?
So far i tried with the WebpackProvidePlugin but it says undefined
Marinho Brandão
Sep 22 2016 20:54
@ryanlangton yep, I also had that issue, and mentioned the ticket about it this afternoon. Good to know about the loader