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Sep 2016
Marinho Brandão
Sep 24 2016 04:21
does someone know how to adapt webpack.test.js to have angular2-template-loader as @ryanlangton suggested above? I tried myself but it always breaks due to syntax errors in .ts files.
Sep 24 2016 13:12
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Sep 24 2016 16:42
Which loader is responsible for replacing <%= webpackConfig.metadata.title %> in index.html? Also, can I use this technique within my CSS files? I have a properties file that contains variables assigned to various strings. These strings can be colour codes as well that I would then like to use within my CSS files. I want to define these constants in some central file for ease of management so that I can change them easily for different clients.
Sep 24 2016 16:51
Is there an existing webpack loader that will allow string replacement across multiple files where the replacements are defined within some text file (e.g. a properties file)?