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Oct 2016
Oct 06 2016 11:15
Hello All, I am not able to run the angular2 quickstart package.json
it is not able to recognize @angular/core packages
I am getting 400 Bad Request
I have upgraded to latest node 6.x.x and npm also 3.x.x
but still not luck
Oct 06 2016 15:51

Hi Hackers!

I am trying to know where is the right place to properly import and pass as a dependency the angular material package, I just found this:


so app.js is the right place to import this module?

sorry wrong room, I am going to move this question to ng6-starter
Alla Abramova
Oct 06 2016 18:47
hey guys! can someone please help? i am getting error: uncaught Error: Couldn't find Materialize object on window. It is created by the materialize-css library. Please import materialize-css before importing angular2-materialize.
Marinho Brandão
Oct 06 2016 20:44
hi @lyalyaka did you try importing materialize-css inside vendor.browser.ts ?
I don’t use Materialize, but with Fontawesome I added this line to my main.browser.ts(don’t remember why in main.browser.ts though):