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Oct 2016
Chaikin Evgenii
Oct 10 2016 08:04
Hello friends. Could you recommend a convenient timepicker for angular2?
Oct 10 2016 13:57
hi, anybody using cloudfront and gzip? I can't seem to get the configuration right. I've read that cloudfront will do this, and I can see the content-encoding response header is getting set, but the filesizes show that it is serving the uncompressed file. I see that some people, just upload the gzipped bundle, without the .gz extension and manually set the content-encoding header in S3 .. any recommendations?
Andriy Komm
Oct 10 2016 14:39
any suggestion to improve debug information (exception stack) most of the time I get crap and have to blindly guess what might have caused the error. Using maps, but most of the time neither ff nor chrome can make a connection between map and transpiled result
Oct 10 2016 16:32
folks, I've tried reading the issues, but can't figure out how to include jquery. here's what I've done. 1) npm i jquery --save 2) added import * as $ from 'jquery'; to vendor.browser.ts
I'm getting $ is not a function
Marinho Brandão
Oct 10 2016 20:28

@lilowl did you add $ to custom-typings.d.ts?

like below:

declare var jQuery;