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Oct 2016
Marinho Brandão
Oct 12 2016 13:41

hi guys!

you know, in AWS there are 3 bundle files: main, vendor and polyfills.

Does any of you know how to avoid main to happen for development environment ( )? So, instead, we have the actual files loading and bundling disabled?

Marinho Brandão
Oct 12 2016 13:56
and somehow together in the same question: how to prevent test to rebuild polyfills and vendor bundles after it starts to watch?
John Lee
Oct 12 2016 16:43
I keep getting Property 'map' does not exist on type 'Observable<Response>' errors when trying to execute karma unit tests. Any ideas anyone?
I haven't changed karma.conf / webpack.test.config / spec-bundle.js at all
Raghavan Parthasarathy
Oct 12 2016 20:47
Hi guys. I got a question. Even with running on prod mode, the vendor.bundle.js runs to ~ 900 kb. And with typescript / javascript, html and css on the main.bundle.js for a relatively small application running at least an MB, the page load can take a while depending on the network speed. Is there a way to reduce the size of these files ?
Carl Sutton
Oct 12 2016 21:19
Hi all, I got a problem. App was kinda working, then I ran 'npm install' again and its completely broken now
/code ui-dash_1 | 21:58:35 73% optimize
ui-dash_1 | 21:58:35 0|can-dash | TypeError: chunk.hasRuntime is not a function
ui-dash_1 | 21:58:35 0|can-dash | at /usr/src/app/node_modules/webpack/lib/optimize/CommonsChunkPlugin.js:89:20
ui-dash_1 | 21:58:35 0|can-dash | at Array.filter (native)
ui-dash_1 | 21:58:35 0|can-dash | at Compilation.processCommonChunk (/usr/s
any ideas what Im missing?