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Oct 2016
Oct 14 2016 03:42
Hi guys,
I have an issue when I do practice: AngularClass/angular2-webpack-starter#1098
Can you help me take a look this issue and help me answer.
Thank you
Andriy Komm
Oct 14 2016 15:59
do you also have raising performance issues the longer the dev server runs? got a 8x core 4,0ghz 26gb ram machine on ssd and unless I reload the dev server it gets worser and worser. even on a plain new instance of this prefab
Marinho Brandão
Oct 14 2016 16:23
Curious that it seems HMR isn't working properly in AWS. It reloads the whole app every time
Oct 14 2016 22:48
Hi guys, i have two projects that share a common domain model we defined using .ts files
whats the best way to share that domain model among serveral projects?
the two projects will be developed at the same time.
thanks a lot
Marinho Brandão
Oct 14 2016 23:43
@johnespn I’d create a library as a third repository and use it from both projects as it was third party, via npm/package.json