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Oct 2016
Oct 26 2016 12:06

@tstirrat15 & @marinho, thanks for sharing your views. I am about to start on my first project in angular and I am doing basic study for selection. Your notes are definitely helpful.

One of my team-member came across this video. In this talk, Jay shares the basics of RxJS 5 Observables and how they can be used with React and Redux to manage asynchronous effects using redux-observable. What is your opinion about this approach that has best of both RxJS and Redux. Link to git-hub project:

Oct 26 2016 15:36
Hello! I would like to update the model of an input from another place but it's not working
it only updates if I modify the model inside the input box
<input *ngIf="currentDateFrom" [(ngModel)]="currentDateFrom" [ngModelOptions]="{standalone: true}" type="text">

<span *ngIf="currentDateFrom">{{ getDate(currentDateFrom) | date:'dd/MM/y'}}</span>

<datepicker [hidden]="hideDateFrom" [(ngModel)]="currentDateFrom" [minDate]="minDate" [showWeeks]="true" style="margin-top: 2px;"></datepicker>

both changes (datepicker and input) enters in getDate() but when you modify model from input it doesn't change in datapicker and vice versa. Is posible to update these values or not? I tried with (update) event of datepicker (I was not able to overwrite it) and with (ngModelChange) of input. But nothing works :(
Oct 26 2016 15:53
well I'm trying with blur and key.enter events like in the example of angular