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Nov 2016
Shahmir Noorani
Nov 02 2016 15:05

hey guys. Has anyone got sass and resolve-url working with the latest webpack / webpack-starter project? There's a bug logged against it


Thai Huynh
Nov 02 2016 16:06

has anyone encounter the following issue:

ERROR in ./src/main.browser.ts
Module parse failed: /Users/thhuynh/Documents/projects/retina/src/main.browser.ts Unexpected token (13:22)
You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.
| Bootstrap our Angular app with a top level NgModule
| export function main(): Promise<any> {
| return platformBrowserDynamic()
| .bootstrapModule(AppModule)
@ multi main

Nov 02 2016 22:03
Hi, question about the +detail component, i know index.js is a barrel for exporting modules, but how come in the index.js of +detail there is stuff setup with ngModule, and why is the exported class AboutModule when it makes sense to export DetailModule?