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Nov 2016
Marcos Avila Vasquez
Nov 23 2016 01:15
Hi folks, how are you? I'm trying to start with Angular2 and found this boilerplate to start.
I'm trying to change how css files are builded
I need to get an external stylesheet to be loaded
I followed some suggestions, but always have an error that says: Error: Expected 'styles' to be an array of strings.
Does anyone have any idea how to do that? or at least fix the error?
Nov 23 2016 01:41
@Nocomm I have updated to the new version starter and solved this problem finally, thank you for your help!
Csaba Szabo
Nov 23 2016 09:23
hello, did anyone used TsConfigPathsPlugin? thanks
Andrew Kysorets
Nov 23 2016 12:28
Hello! How to integrate sigmaJS to current starter? I have a problem with the declaration this JS