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Dec 2016
Bal Kishan yadav
Dec 07 2016 11:59
hi, i m using angular2-webpack-starter, but design part is not displaying.
anyone can help me out?
Ika Pkhakadze
Dec 07 2016 13:35
Seems like this group is only for questions. No answers at all. Leaving. bb
George Batalinski
Dec 07 2016 19:37
for this error Unexpected value 'FileUploadModule' imported by the module 'UploaderModule'
Is there a reason - why - we need relative paths for external Typescript modules
Is it a systemjs that cannot load - a typescript only NODE_MODULE
Does not work - modules: [helpers.root('src'), 'node_modules' ],
Works - modules: [helpers.root('src'), helpers.root('node_modules' )],
George Batalinski
Dec 07 2016 19:55

How to replicate?

npm install -
npm install
import { FunBoardModule } from 'public_node_module';
imports: [ // import Angular's modules
npm start
Expected: get error

TO fix

change - modules: [helpers.root('src'), 'node_modules' ],
to [helpers.root('src'), helpers.root('node_modules' )],