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Dec 2016
Saravanan Seenivasan
Dec 15 2016 09:27

hi all,
I'm novice in angular2
I tried to implement angular2-webpack combo, by splitting the code into two different projects.

I had my hello-world component in one of them, and the app module in the other.
what i tried to do is that bundle up the first project and use it as a dependency for the second.

Project 1 skeleton -

Project 2 skeleton -

FYI : I'm using only the webpack -bundler and not the webpack-dev-server
On trying the above I ended up in the following error - "Error: Unexpected value 'undefined' declared by the module 'AppModule'"

Dec 15 2016 23:09
Is there a way to output my dist files to a different directory and update them as I ng serve? I think someone told me currently web-pack serves out of memory. I actually don't want that.