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Jan 2017
Ajay Kumar
Jan 30 2017 05:14
Is there any guide to use ngrx/store or ng2-redux in AnglarClass/angular2-webpack-starter template?
And best practices related to redux?
Rafael Shemesh
Jan 30 2017 09:32
Hi guys.. How can I disable auto refresh webpack dev server?
Antony Stefano
Jan 30 2017 13:53
Hi guys. Please help me. I have to choose the Angular 2 Framework between Webpack and Cli.
What is the most important things in Webpack?
Why must I choose WebPack? Thank you.
Chaz Gatian
Jan 30 2017 14:42
Is there a straightforward way to generate icons (favicons) for your site?
Ajay Kumar
Jan 30 2017 16:33

My Angular app structure is getting out of control! I decided to organize by feature. I have a note feature. Inside of note I have

and I have not yet included specs and other ui components that note component will use and I have no idea where to place them!
Anyone have a solution?

Chaz Gatian
Jan 30 2017 17:59
@ajayak you could separate the files based off type. We've taken the approach to put all ngrx related content into a folder named store, all http services in http-services, and our models go in models
Joe Gornick
Jan 30 2017 21:52
Hey folks, is there a reason why webpack.test.js doesn't include any of the common confirguration?
Chaz Gatian
Jan 30 2017 23:49
@jgornick I suspect two reasons:
  • Karma with code coverage isn't as straight forward as you would think to setup. Many configuration options need to be very specific (ie inline-source-maps) in order for it to work corrrectly
  • Testing typically doesn't need all the additional configuration, angular lazy loading, and images.