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Mar 2017
Mar 02 2017 03:39
Hey everyone. I am looking for a answer to a quick question. I am using auth0 to authenticate users in my angular2 app. I have a component that lives above the main content area called breadcrumb. That area shows a login link and when someone logs in, it changes to a picture of the user by gravatar and email address which is supplied in the response from auth0. The problem is that the data does not get set to localStorage before the page renders and does not show it till the page is refreshed. Could anyone help me with that? You can see the question on Stack Overflow here,
Mar 02 2017 09:18
Hi, i can't find issue how import normalize.css in src/styles/styles.scss! someone found how do it?
Mar 02 2017 16:41
Hi guys. I am having such errors with my npm linked library, when running npm run build: ERROR in [at-loader] ../module2/dist/@custorm/custom-plugin/plugin/plugin.component.ts:3:1 TS2343: This syntax requires an imported helper named '__decorate', but module 'tslib' has no exported member '__decorate'. Any idea where I should start?