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Mar 2017
Mar 07 2017 06:06
hello there, How to add the background image in a selected component from the assets folder. I need help
Mar 07 2017 07:14
Hello, how to implement in memory web api into this package ?
I followed the documentation and it keep errors 404 not found
Mar 07 2017 09:22
anybody ?
help please
Brian Thompson
Mar 07 2017 16:19
@hitoz Hey there, let me clone the repo and take a look at that for you.
Forrest Murray
Mar 07 2017 17:19
How should I add @angular/material? The repo says to use the material2 branch, but it looks like that's not around any more.
@Camille-D did you try to change the 'test' field in ./config/webpack.common.js for the 'file-loader' to inculde ttf extensions?
Mar 07 2017 23:29
Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.25.28 PM.png
I downloaded the starter today. It's great. Currently I see all the modules are loaded asynchronously when I hit the index page, which is good. But how do I make it lazy load i.e load only when I hit the individual routes like Detail and Barrel.