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Mar 2017
Mar 24 2017 17:02
having a lot of trouble getting some 3p libraries into an app here here ... for instance moment.js :
it provides it's own typings but any import / require I try doesn't get it defined in the app.
where it seems I can just do import {MomentModule} from 'angular2-moment'; ... which doesn't raise any errors, but, MomentModule is still not defined ...
anyone use moment, or have any pointers on how to import a module like this?
Forrest Murray
Mar 24 2017 22:17
@alexanderbelko did you add primeeng to your app.module ?
@perrierism where is MomentModule not defined?
@donald-slagle are you trying to load global styles?
@alisherabd what are you trying to accomplish with your docker image?