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Apr 2017
Girish Rathod
Apr 04 2017 03:07
Hi guys,
I am using angular2 app. First time component loading too much.
I want to speed loading first time?
Any best solutions or example please?
Ritwik Banerjee
Apr 04 2017 05:29
lazy load the modules.. load what you need
Girish Rathod
Apr 04 2017 05:31
Yeah thanks @ritwbanerjee Is there any best example with lazy loading with multiple routes
Ritwik Banerjee
Apr 04 2017 05:32
there are plenty
check this
Girish Rathod
Apr 04 2017 05:35
Thanks @ritwbanerjee
Ritwik Banerjee
Apr 04 2017 07:44
you are welcome
Apr 04 2017 07:46
Hi, can anyone help me with how to include external css and js files in the starter kit?
Rishi Raj
Apr 04 2017 08:05
Is this the right command to host your dist files on your github-pages ng build --prod --base-href "" angular-cli-ghpages I'm using angular-cli-ghpages. I have a custom-domain and I don't know it doesn't use the branch gh-pages as well, and nothing is being updated even after a successful deployment.
Would be nice to get some assistance
Robert Lavoie AKA BobbyDigital
Apr 04 2017 20:40
What is the + before the folder name for?