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May 2017
May 08 2017 04:07
Hello, I'm using the angular-starter project and I have a question about the lazy loading. Whenever I run the app and open it in my browser, looking in the chrome console it shows all of the (supposed to be) lazy loaded modules "'__' component/bundle loaded asynchronously" messages right at the start, without having clicked on the route links. Is this how it's supposed to work? I got the impression that these modules shouldn't load, and the messages shouldn't show, until I actually click the links?
Nguyen Ba Truong
May 08 2017 05:11
You can turn off it
by removing the preloading in the app module
May 08 2017 18:04
@r3dp4nd4 what error are you receiving?
Dan Cancro
May 08 2017 19:03
Hi all. Still very much a work in progress, but here is my open source JHipster + ngrx + angular4 + angular-cli + Webpack + WebSockets + SpringMVC + Material Design + i18n + yarn + ElasticSearch deployed web application and the repository
May 08 2017 20:40
@truongnguyen-ntq ah, thank you