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May 2017
May 11 2017 15:33
Has anyone successfully used the HMR against a live backend server?
Pierre CAVIN
May 11 2017 17:12
working fine
Vitali Carbivnicii
May 11 2017 19:34
i can't understand how to add my css
which would override some other styles loaded from modules
i'm including styles/app.scss in app.module.ts
which looks like this -
@import "scss/material.variables";
@import "scss/material.themes";
@import "scss/mixins/bi-app/bi-app-ltr";

// Core Variables and Mixins
@import "scss/app.variables";
@import "scss/mixins";

// Core Styles
@import "scss/core";
@import "scss/material";
@import "scss/utilities/utilities";

// ngx datatable
@import '~@swimlane/ngx-datatable/release/index.css';
@import '~@swimlane/ngx-datatable/release/themes/material.css';
@import '~@swimlane/ngx-datatable/release/assets/icons.css';

// material themes
@import '~@angular/material/prebuilt-themes/indigo-pink.css';
@import './scss/components/_timeline.scss';

@import 'app.css';
but in the result styles from app.css are injected somewhere in the middle of the dom