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Jun 2017
Jun 15 2017 05:27
Hi all, I am new to angular2 i have small application for online order. for backend API am using front-end angluar product list page i have select option for that selected value change my price and pack weight. after i added to the cart its showing array only not excatly selected value, add to cart click its cloning my product how can i fix this issue
<div *ngIf= "item.product_type === 'C'">
<div *ngFor="let option of item.option_details" >
<label> {{option.catalogue_product_variant}} </label>
<ion-option Value="option.catalogue_product_variant_option_id"> <!-- Product options list -->

<label>Pack Weight (Kg) : </label><br>
<label>Pack Price : </label>

this my html code
addItem(item, Product){
this.productdetails.push(this.productdetails, item);
this my ts file