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Jun 2017
Shailender Singh
Jun 30 2017 09:46
Hi all
For state management you can use ngrx or MobX
David Nguyen
Jun 30 2017 10:09
hi all
how can i add more flags when typescript compile? I'm getting this errror when build dev "Class 'Subject<T>' incorrectly extends base class 'Observable<T>'.
Types of property 'lift' are incompatible.
Type '<T, R>(operator: Operator<T, R>) => Observable<T>' is not assignable to type '<R>(operator: Operator<T, R>) => Observable<R>'.
Type 'Observable<T>' is not assignable to type 'Observable<R>'.
Type 'T' is not assignable to type 'R'."
I just searching and found some suggestion here Can anyone give me idea
Kevin Brightwell
Jun 30 2017 16:41
@thanhnvpt_twitter the issue is your version of typescript I think
Shot in the dark, could someone a bit more knowlegable take a look at this: I'm at a bit of a loss.