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Dec 2017
Dec 19 2017 01:11

I am getting below error when trying to run the current version of

These are the steps to reproduce below error:

#1 git clone --depth 1

#2 cd angular-starter

#3 npm install -g node-pre-gyp

#4 npm install

#5 npm run build:prod

#6 npm run server:prod

#7 browse to localhost:8080 on Google Chrome

#8 inspect shows below error:

Uncaught Error: Unexpected value 't' imported by the module 't'. Please add a @NgModule annotation.
at c (compiler.js:485)
at compiler.js:15204
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at t.getNgModuleMetadata (compiler.js:15187)
at t._loadModules (compiler.js:34226)
at t._compileModuleAndComponents (compiler.js:34187)
at t.compileModuleAsync (compiler.js:34081)
at t.compileModuleAsync (platform-browser-dynamic.js:230)
at t.bootstrapModule (core.js:5568)
at He (main.browser.ts:18)

NEED Help please, thank you very much.

Dec 19 2017 14:02
I'm building my project using your starter project. I'd like to ask you for how to integrate future changes into my project repository. How should I clone or fork or whichever action in order to keep updated my project with yours? I hope I've explained so well.