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Yaroslav Yakovlev
@gdi2290 just tried the latest commit, tests are working now :clap:, already updated and closed the issue!
thanks for the help!
Hello everyone. I integrated bootstrap by following the PR example, am getting font not found errors now.
Murhaf Sousli
anyone here?
Clean installed the latest webpack-starter for A2 beta.0; getting "Uncaught ReferenceError: Zone is not defined" in core.js 101" Any ideas?
@jennyraj Are you sure that your local src/vendor.tsmatches this one? I got your error while upgrading my app, too. I missed an entry inside vendor.ts.
@binarious Thank you! I got the latest version from github , it works great!!
hello friend
i am new to webpack and angular2
can someone help for production
because when i run command
npm run build and copy index.html and those file in one folde is notworing
but my js file is not working
anyone tried to run angular2-webpack-starter in vagrant-based linux? it doesn't work after I followed the advice,
while it works when i set it up in direct host
Sam Dornan
What's the proper way to import jquery in vendor.ts? I've resorted to requiring it in the files I need it and assigning it to $ but I know there's got to be a better way.
Manav Sehgal
Regarding production build - payload size. Angular team recognizes large payload size as an open issue. In the interim... I know sourcemaps help in debugging. But how do they help in production version of the app? Can sourcemaps be excluded (commenting out devtool setting in webpack.config). What does tsconfig "sourceMap": true setting do in this context? Any thoughts?
Andy Brown
Anyone try using ng-upgrade to use angular 1 directives?
Martijn Arts
Hey, I'm having a fairly odd problem. I've set karma to run from Gulp as a tdd task, so it'll watch for changes. I had to set autoWatch to true and singleRun to false, but not many changes apart from that. When I now run it, it watches for changes and it rebuilds and retests when it detects changed files, but it seems like it doesn't actually reread/recompile the .ts files. It keeps giving the same errors, even though I already fixed them, until I restart the entire task.
Any thoughts?
Dean Lozo
This message was deleted
Dimitrii Lyomin
Hi There. I'm trying add less to my project. And less files compile to styles, but I have error "EXCEPTION: TypeError: s.replace is not a function browser_adapter.js:85" May I fix it? Thanks!
Hello! Is anybody use jspm?
Joris Conijn
I just pulled the master branch but i get an error while executing "npm start" (events.js:72
throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event) and i suppose to tell the maintainer it failed on: "webpack-dev-server --progress --profile --colors --display-error-details --display-cached"
Hey guys, i'm getting started with Angular 2 using the webpack stater. Thank you , its awesome. I had question about third party dependancies. With Angular 1 I used bower and a gulp-wiredep to automate adding my dep to the index.html. What approach should I use for Angular 2 after I install something with NPM ? In my case i'm attempting to add semantic UI. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Nevermind it looks like the package.json for semanic doesn't have an entry for main
therefore it's not getting imported when I add it to the vendor.ts file
Catalin Cioloca
Does anyone now how to add material design to Angular 2?
Ken Rimple
Hi folks. GREAT starting repo here! I have two questions. The simplest one (maybe) first: can I proxy to a Node.JS server URL or possibly run my own Node web server launching webpack behind it? I want to use the awesome json-server api to provide a fake backend for restful data. That requires booting a node server instead of / or proxied from the webpack dev server for dev purposes.

The second one: I'm adding a dependency to the marked markdown library. I used npm install marked --save to add it as a dependency, but then to add the type library I did

typings install     github:DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped//marked/marked.d.ts#493d3b6882c79289cd9597a45c287250297d5b9d --save --ambient --name marked

which installed it in the typings file. It compiles now, but can't find the js library. How do I get the sample to import the new library?

Ken Rimple
ok, ignor the first one - that's just on the webpack-dev-server link in "Combining with an existing server" or in the "proxying" section. I'm killing it with pre-RTFM questions, sorry gang - link https://webpack.github.io/docs/webpack-dev-server.html I will do that. Second question is definitely up for grabs until I figure that out too.
Ken Rimple
Alrighty, in answer to question 2, that is exactly how it works. Automatically. So, once you do the npm install of the dependency, then do typings install of the representative d.ts file as above, it gets incorporated into main.bundle.js (with my flags of --save --ambient and --name) as marked (I'm going to edit the post above to show syntax). This is awesome.
so the command was:
typings install\
#493d3b6882c79289cd9597a45c287250297d5b9d --save --ambient --name marked
where \ is a line break
Hi All, when I run server:dev , it does no show typescript errors in console. Am I missing something obvious?
I can see errors now.
PatrickJS [tipe.io]
are you looking at typescript lint warning?
David Koch


With some JS libraries I have the issue that I can't use them in my Typescript Angular2 webpack project. I manage to use d3 for instance but cal-heatmapis causing me headaches. npm install cal-heatmap --save; tsd install cal-heatmap --save. In my app code I do: import {CalHeatMap} from 'cal-heatmap'; ... new CalHeatMap(). I pack my app, open in a browser I get a message like TypeError: cal_heatmap_1.CalHeatMap is not a function whenever I do new CalHeatMap();.

This happened to a couple of other libraries as well and I just want to know what the root cause is here and how I can properly debug this kind of error. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi guys. I have a little question. How can i add new assets, for example static json file?
i always got "Cannot get"
i put my file in src/assets directory and it dont working
ehh my bad
i dont restart server :( sorry guys
Sam Jones
Anyone had any luck adding asynchronous code-split chunks to the webpack config and getting AsyncRoute to consume them? I've tried multiple things that seemed right, and I keep getting hung on a Uncaught reflect-metadata shim is required when using class decorators error though...
Sam Jones
I had to add the require.d.ts require definition for webpack in order to use the webpack.ensure for the code-splitting, and then used the promise-loader since AsyncRoute expects a promise (where ensure uses a callback). Code-splitting success (new chunk, ftw), just no making it go. The app errors out immediately on-load (before the route is triggered,) and trace back to the vendor.bundle.js ... maybe something to do with the fact that the async component isn't imported in the app.ts so it's not properly type-script processed?
Is it possible to access webpack's metadata (e.g. {%= o.webpackConfig.metadata.baseUrl %}) inside my component's templates?
@binarious you could take a closer look to html-loader sources, where does it get metadata
@ewnd9 good point, thanks.
Sam Jones
@binarious, seems like it would work in external html templates being processed by webpack html-loader, but probably not in inline template string literals.