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Colin Kearns
I am getting an errors trying to run npm run server, cannot find require, cannot find map, cannot find promise, etc, I assume this is a typings problem?
Arnold Krumins
hi Can anybody help on this one? When I run my app with 'npm run server:prod' I get this error. 'zone.js:461 Unhandled Promise rejection: Failed to load %5Bobject%20Object%5D ; Zone: angular ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: Failed to load %5Bobject%20Object%5D'
zone.js:101 GET http://localhost:8080/%5Bobject%20Object%5D 404 (Not Found)
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
@all Hi guys, i need to understand the webpack config in this project, trying to use it as an example for a project where i need NgUpgrade to work with legacy Ng1 app, help?
Thomas Sattlecker
Hi, I am getting "htmlLoader" is not allowed from webpack-validator
cant figure out why? any thoughts
Colin Kearns
hey guys, I have followed the starter best practices, but my style loading is a mess. I have a mix of bootstrap, some global styles, which i declare as stylesheets in the app component, and then individual component styles. I see that these are all being injected into the head inline (except the bootstrap, which is being applied with the bootstrap webpack loader, although I can't find it?), but my page load is a mess, as the page starts to load before the styles, can anyone explain to me what is going on and how to fix it? is this best practice for loading styles?
Colin Kearns
does anyone else's dev server only run for about 30 seconds before it dies?
Hendrik Richter
Hey guys, I'm trying to have a component that has two different states with different URLs. I've added my second state to the foo.js file to the $stateProvider, but how should I handle that second state in my component/controller?
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
@all is there a way to set flags in the config? something like progress: true in config instead of webpack --progress?
Hello guys, I have a mess in the console, I can’t debug properly since my stacktrace is within browser_adapter.js, zone.js, async.ts etc. Is it supposed to be this way, I mean sometimes I have problems figuring out where the error comes from. Thanks if anyone helps
Lol it’s funny how the last like 20 posts were unanswered pleas for help. Come on guys, we are COMMUNITY! :D
Hello, I'm trying to understand the file structure : why there is an index.ts file for every app component ?
I’m relatively new to ng2 but my assumption was that if you have multiple components in that dir and you want to include them all somewhere else you only have to include one file. In index.ts you would include the other components for that directory… (I had the same question…when I saw it)
thanks you're right
:) thanks for confirming.
Raj Krishna Maharjan
this.http.get(...).map(...).catch is not a function
what do i do?
Mathijs Segers
If people have questions I suggest posting them on stackoverflow and linking them here, just posting an error is not always a thingy people can work with.
That being said, anyone know if it's simple to generate a single js file instead of 3/9 (map and gz as well)
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
@all is there a way to set flags in the config? something like progress: true in config instead of webpack --progress?
the angular2webpac starter is great
Is there a post that helps setup of this project from scratch
Mathijs Segers
@Luchillo Should be, look up the regular webpack docs I guess, you could also embed it into your npm scripts in package.json
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
The issue is that i have no control over the build command, only the webpack.config.js in an Ionic 2 project, they start the build from gulp from inside a package they made themselves, so i can't touch the build command.
Thai Huynh
has anyone experience router link not adding the active class properly?
it used to work in beta 5
we're using beta 15 and it's broken
routers are broken, they changed almost everything about them yesterday
Tycho Grouwstra
So ng2 RC had added support for precompilation. I didn't see mention of this in the current version of angular2-webpack-starter yet. I was wondering, wouldn't that precompilation and webpack (which I'm currently using for Jade and Less) clash?
hello. I have error "Unknown dependency: registry:dt/core-js#0.0.0+20160317120654 " on installation this pack. has anyone solve or get this error before?
Stefano Sergio
is there any article that can argument why choosing webpack over SystemJS for an NG2 project?
Ioannis Baourdos
hello, this project is sooo sexy! just a quick question: I am running build:prod dist is created, all good but it complaints about all html/css files from src/app/** . once I move them manually its all good - but I am copy/pasting all the .ts etc etc files too. Are they meant to be copied to dist ?
Ioannis Baourdos

ok ... idiot ... I added an extra task on prod config and I am good to go :)

new CopyWebpackPlugin([{
    from: 'src/app',
    to: 'app',
    ignore: ['*.ts']

I really like webpack (after year of ANT ... )

Alfredo Perez
Has anyone tried to run this starter from an asp.net project? Or even better...from an asp.net MVC?
Thai Huynh
does anyone know how to remove these messages "Duplicate identifier"
Christophe HOARAU
What is the best way to keep a project uptodate ?
Angular2 is evolving fast with breaking changes, material2 is still in alpha.
I would like to start building a project, but I don't want to be stuck on the current versions.
How could I keep my project update to your version ? It's very hard to know what I should update between each release without creating a new project each time. Do you store some kind of update/migration rules to apply ?
Thanks a lot
Jaroslaw Ivanov
How do I use moduleId with module.id in webpack?
Please use filename if you must use templateUrl and styleUrls rather than webpack's module system.
Can you explain me, what does it mean 'use
filename'? So, there is templateUrl, there is a app.component.html file in same dir. What value should I put to templateUrl?
Oh, I see. Somethin like this template: require('./home.html'). It's weird.
99% Cocoa
Has anyone used bootstrap-sass (bootstrap 3 with sass) with the starter, and could share examples?
Trying to start a new project with angular2-webpack-starter and then use using angular_cli for adding other code items . Has anyone been successful? with this repo or any other repo? thanks in advance!
Jyothi lakshmi R
Hi, can any one help me in this,
console error: "XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://api.uber.com/v1/products?latitude=37.7759792&longitude=-122.41823. Request header field Access-Control-Allow-Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response." and please explain me how to do http header authentication in angular2
Attila Egyed

the error you get has something to do with cors. i never used uber api before, try to search on the web http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8685678/cors-how-do-preflight-an-httprequest

for ng2 authentication try https://www.npmjs.com/package/angular2-jwt also if you are not in a hurry read https://medium.com/@blacksonic86/authentication-in-angular-2-958052c64492#.69wcuux91

this is for frontend, you also need to implement the backend counterpart

Mathijs Segers
@Jyothi406 I'm pretty sure they don't allow API requests through js then if that header is not available. I'd suggest wrapping it in another server side API or figure out if they have a solution for that problem (It is not an angular issue).
Do y'all happen to know of any good examples of using Webpack in an application with Angular 1 and 2 (using ngUpdgrade)?