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Thai Huynh
does anyone know how to remove these messages "Duplicate identifier"
Christophe HOARAU
What is the best way to keep a project uptodate ?
Angular2 is evolving fast with breaking changes, material2 is still in alpha.
I would like to start building a project, but I don't want to be stuck on the current versions.
How could I keep my project update to your version ? It's very hard to know what I should update between each release without creating a new project each time. Do you store some kind of update/migration rules to apply ?
Thanks a lot
Jaroslaw Ivanov
How do I use moduleId with module.id in webpack?
Please use filename if you must use templateUrl and styleUrls rather than webpack's module system.
Can you explain me, what does it mean 'use
filename'? So, there is templateUrl, there is a app.component.html file in same dir. What value should I put to templateUrl?
Oh, I see. Somethin like this template: require('./home.html'). It's weird.
99% Cocoa
Has anyone used bootstrap-sass (bootstrap 3 with sass) with the starter, and could share examples?
Trying to start a new project with angular2-webpack-starter and then use using angular_cli for adding other code items . Has anyone been successful? with this repo or any other repo? thanks in advance!
Jyothi lakshmi R
Hi, can any one help me in this,
console error: "XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://api.uber.com/v1/products?latitude=37.7759792&longitude=-122.41823. Request header field Access-Control-Allow-Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response." and please explain me how to do http header authentication in angular2
Attila Egyed

the error you get has something to do with cors. i never used uber api before, try to search on the web http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8685678/cors-how-do-preflight-an-httprequest

for ng2 authentication try https://www.npmjs.com/package/angular2-jwt also if you are not in a hurry read https://medium.com/@blacksonic86/authentication-in-angular-2-958052c64492#.69wcuux91

this is for frontend, you also need to implement the backend counterpart

Mathijs Segers
@Jyothi406 I'm pretty sure they don't allow API requests through js then if that header is not available. I'd suggest wrapping it in another server side API or figure out if they have a solution for that problem (It is not an angular issue).
Do y'all happen to know of any good examples of using Webpack in an application with Angular 1 and 2 (using ngUpdgrade)?
Jyothi lakshmi R

This error in Mozila :
Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at https://api.uber.com/v1/products?latitude=12.9716&longtitude=77.5946. (Reason: missing token 'access-control-allow-headers' in CORS header 'Access-Control-Allow-Headers' from CORS preflight channel).

This error is in Chrom:
XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://api.uber.com/v1/products?latitude=12.9716&longtitude=77.5946. Request header field Access-Control-Allow-Origin is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response.

i am not sure it origin mismatch or token not assigned in the header, i am not using oauth i just want to authenticate with server token provided by the uber api server.

this is my code:

getEstimatesForUserLocation (lat:number,lon:number) {

let endpoint = 'https://api.uber.com/v1/products';
let url  = `${endpoint}?latitude=${lat}&longtitude=${lon}`;
let headers = new Headers();

headers.append('Authorization', 'SERVER_TOKEN');//assigning my server token to header
headers.set('Access-Control-Allow-Origin', '*');
headers.append('Access-Control-Allow-Headers','x-requested-with, Content-Type, origin, authorization, accept, client-security-token');

return this.http.get(url, {headers})
  .map(res => res.json());


getEstimatesForUserLocation() {
this._countryService.getEstimatesForUserLocation(this.lat, this.long )
data=> this.row = data,
error =>this.error = "location" + this.lat + this.long + "invalid."


can any one please tell me server token which i am assigning here is correct?
note: i am using @angular/http package

I am on beta 11 using this web pack starter...everything seemed to be working until last week... I recently started getting the following on my console
'//@ sourceURL' and '//@ sourceMappingURL' are deprecated, please use '//# sourceURL=' and '//# sourceMappingURL=' instead. and a lot of them warnings whenever the application bootstraps
what should i do to avoid these warnings ( other than upgrading to latest release )
Colin Kearns
I have got my project upgraded to RC 2 but the update must have broken something as I am now getting this error again: 90% optimize assetsError in bail mode: [default] /Users/Daily/Shortcut-Webpack/typings/browser/ambient/jquery/index.d.ts:3223:12 Subsequent variable declarations must have the same type. Variable '$' must be of type 'cssSelectorHelper', but here has type 'JQueryStatic'. and I cannot figure out how I fixed it the first time, does anyone know?
Graham Churchley
I'm using Karma to test my ng2 app. How do I force Karma to acquire plugins from the local [current] folder? I am seeing this debug message: Loading plugin C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules/karma-requirejs. Why is it looking in the "Program Files" folder?
Graham Churchley
Fixed my Karma issue with regard to global plugins. I did
npm uninstall -g karma-requirejs
So now there is no global version and Karma picks the local version in the current folder. This is NOT how I would expect it to work. Surely the local folder should take precedence.
Chris Grant
Does anyone know how to get environment variables working in the production build? I'm running the dist folder in a heroku instance, but i need to configure the variables in it with environment variables in the different instances of the pipeline. Just wondering what strategies people have been using for this?
Pontus Enmark
what's the "correct" way add global pipes when testing? in spec-bundle.js:setBaseTestProviders?
Vadim Fedorenko

Hi, guys! I need help.
I am trying to write quick start for system.js for my first open source library: http://plnkr.co/edit/oeOnHTmWasmOgRhbKkcB?p=preview.

It throws "$ is not a function" error.
I am using typings in my project but don't know how to install typings in plnkr.
Help me to fix it, please.


Would just like to tell you that you guys who have made this are amazing. Theres nothing worse than jumping into a stack and going, uh.. but what do I use...

The documentation is great and it looks like it's got everything I want.

Has anyone made an in-depth guide to the entire solution? I would love a video series using this explaining all the components and how they work.

Once again. THank YOU@!!@!

Dmitry Erzunov
hi everybody! I try to install typings, and get error with zone.js >> typings ERR! message Attempted to compile "zone.js" as an external module, but it looks like a global module.
Help me please! What am I doing wrong? Osx, nodejs 4
What exactly did you type, do you have a log?
Dmitry Erzunov
sudo typings install

derzunov:angular2-webpack-starter derzunov$ sudo typings install
typings ERR! message Attempted to compile "zone.js" as an external module, but it looks like a global module.

typings ERR! cwd /Users/derzunov/projects/Angular2/angular2-webpack-starter
typings ERR! system Darwin 15.4.0
typings ERR! command "/usr/local/bin/node" "/usr/local/bin/typings" "install"
typings ERR! node -v v4.4.4
typings ERR! typings -v 1.0.2

typings ERR! If you need help, you may report this error at:
typings ERR! https://github.com/typings/typings/issues

Hmm.. Sorry never seen that before and I'm not on a mac/Linux. Maybe open a ticket with typings?
Di you need elevated permissions to install? Try without sudo maybe?
Dmitry Erzunov
Try without sudo maybe? No, it's not working) Thanks, @falconmick !
Graham Churchley
I'm publishing angular2 components to the npm registry. Can anybody point me to an example of packaging using TypeScript? I'm specifically interested in how to create barrels. I have a dozen components and I want them to be packaged as three barrels.
Steve Belovarich
ooooo, echo that @gchurchley I want to know the best way too! you may want to ask in the angular/angular gitter
is angular2 officially switching to webpack from systemjs?
Text field does not allow input in Internet Explorer 11 or Edge or Safari for Windows. Does work in Chrome and Firefox. Using Windows 10.
Benny Bottema
It's been a while since a release was published. does anyone have an ETA on the next stable release?
@kkellystrandhill Similar issue. I am using Windows 10 and Edge. In the Home tab, when I click on the "Submit Local State to ..." it does not allow me to input any text. Seems to work on chrome and firefox. I looked through the known issues but cannot see a related issue. Is this an known issue. Apologies if this is already logged as an issue.
Eric Kisner

Hey guys, I'm having a problem importing ng2-formly stuff into the webpack starter. I think it's because it's using SystemJS to export the modules?

repo: https://github.com/formly-js/ng2-formly
npm install ng2-formly --save results in ng2-formly.js in node_modules/ng2-formly which looks like this:

System.register(["./src/main", "./src/templates"], function(exports_1, context_1) {
    "use strict";
    var __moduleName = context_1 && context_1.id;
    function exportStar_1(m) {
        var exports = {};
        for(var n in m) {
            if (n !== "default") exports[n] = m[n];
    return {
            function (main_1_1) {
            function (templates_1_1) {
        execute: function() {
I can't do import {FormlyForm} from "ng2-formly/ng2-formly";
Sam Jones
What's the best way to keep my project config up to date with a seed project such as this one? The angular 2 project is going to be inside a UI subfolder of a larger repository, so it won't be as simple as adding another remote and fetching changes and cherry picking... :( Are there any best-practices besides compare & copy+paste?
Sean Larkin
Ncu is nice
Mathijs Segers

What I"m currently doing is having an project which is basically a fork of webpack starter, I keep pulling in here the newest update and tweak it to use my own libraries, I then pull that into my other projects which mostly works fine.

Do have to add that I keep having to remove home, about and changes to RouteConfig. But it's trivial.

Sam Jones
Thanks @msegers . Sounds like a nice/obvious approach. Part of my challenge will be different paths from the .git folder to the package.json for instance. Teammates don't want the Angular 2 UI in it's own repo for the good reason of not having two PRs in two repos to sync for any end-to-end change. I wonder if there's some git config I don't know about that could help with the pathing, or... investigate the dreaded/controversial 'git submodule?'
npm run server doesn't automatically open the webpage..had to manually type localhost:3000 in the browser to access the webpage..Was wondering why this feature was left out.....
Is there a way we can include this feature in the application..
Also getting this type error inside main.browser.ts ----> argument type App is not assignable to parameter type Type.
i had to add <any>App inside bootstrap function for the error to go away. I am using webstorm 2016.1.2
Paul van den Berg
what do you guys use for templateurls with webpack?