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@kschio nope :-(
Carlos Esteban Lopez Jaramillo
So how do i mimic *ngFor with index and *ngIf if i'm creating the components myself with ComponentFactoryResolver and this kind of template container?
<div id="order-list-body">
      <template #body></template>
Ika Pkhakadze
Anyone, can give some reference to build custom angular 2 package that will be installed via npm? Some starter would be great
(46,16): error TS2304: Cannot find name 'Map'. I get this a ton of different times in a ton of different files when running ng test can anyone tell me why this happens?
Bal Kishan yadav
hi, i m using angular2-webpack-starter, but design part is not displaying.
anyone can help me out?
Ika Pkhakadze
Seems like this group is only for questions. No answers at all. Leaving. bb
George Batalinski
for this error Unexpected value 'FileUploadModule' imported by the module 'UploaderModule'
Is there a reason - why - we need relative paths for external Typescript modules
Is it a systemjs that cannot load - a typescript only NODE_MODULE
Does not work - modules: [helpers.root('src'), 'node_modules' ],
Works - modules: [helpers.root('src'), helpers.root('node_modules' )],
George Batalinski

How to replicate?

npm install - https://github.com/AngularClass/angular2-webpack-starter
npm install https://github.com/georgebatalinski/PUBLIC_NODE_MODULE
import { FunBoardModule } from 'public_node_module';
imports: [ // import Angular's modules
npm start
Expected: get error

TO fix

change - modules: [helpers.root('src'), 'node_modules' ],
to [helpers.root('src'), helpers.root('node_modules' )],

Bal Kishan yadav
george i downloaded from this link.
it is working but i think not picking css or bootstrap.
Hi, I'm receiving an error on npm start:
ERROR in ./src/vendor.browser.ts
Module build failed: TypeError: Cannot read property 'exclude' of undefined
at applyDefaults (/home/jordi/Documents/work/angular2-webpack-starter/node_modules/awesome-typescript-loader/src/instance.ts:266:72)
ERROR in ./src/vendor.browser.ts
Module build failed: TypeError: Cannot read property 'exclude' of undefined
at applyDefaults (/home/jordi/Documents/work/angular2-webpack-starter/node_modules/awesome-typescript-loader/src/instance.ts:266:72)
at Object.ensureInstance (/home/jordi/Documents/work/angular2-webpack-starter/node_modules/awesome-typescript-loader/src/instance.ts:145:5)
at compiler (/home/jordi/Documents/work/angular2-webpack-starter/node_modules/awesome-typescript-loader/src/index.ts:37:20)
at Object.loader (/home/jordi/Documents/work/angular2-webpack-starter/node_modules/awesome-typescript-loader/src/index.ts:18:18)
@ multi vendor
so I installed noUISlider package, but I'm not sure how to implement it. I'm not terribly familiar with Webpack so I'm not sure where to add the lines in order to start using this package. Anyone have experience with adding another package to their app?
How do I add a new package to this seed?
@zarpilla Use exactly 2.1.1 version of TypeScript, in your package.json file it would look like this:
    "typescript": "2.1.1",
Roman Gorodeckij
Guys.. where's material branch? And why AngularClass video cources source code differs from this starter? I mean whole index.html is different. Course itself promised, to be updated whenever angular will be updated..
I have used 'npm run build:dev' command to build the application. One 'dist' folder is being created which has an index.html. When I open index.html it does not load the application. Just shows 'Loading..'
Roman Gorodeckij
Seems to be this channel is dead, gazzilions of questions and no answers.
ya. :(
Saravanan Seenivasan

hi all,
I'm novice in angular2
I tried to implement angular2-webpack combo, by splitting the code into two different projects.

I had my hello-world component in one of them, and the app module in the other.
what i tried to do is that bundle up the first project and use it as a dependency for the second.

Project 1 skeleton - https://gist.github.com/SaravananSeenivasan/05261250e652a58039302ab8607f710e

Project 2 skeleton - https://gist.github.com/SaravananSeenivasan/c13d7a839a030ea81d11c67db3ddf6c1

FYI : I'm using only the webpack -bundler and not the webpack-dev-server
On trying the above I ended up in the following error - "Error: Unexpected value 'undefined' declared by the module 'AppModule'"

Is there a way to output my dist files to a different directory and update them as I ng serve? I think someone told me currently web-pack serves out of memory. I actually don't want that.
Tanvir HK Shuvo
How can I add bootstrap.js or any other js libraries to my angular2-webpack project?
Dominik Gätjens
npm install --save npm-package-name
I m geting error on make my project live

npm ERR! Linux 4.4.0-53-generic
npm ERR! argv "/usr/bin/nodejs" "/usr/bin/npm" "run" "build:prod"
npm ERR! node v6.9.1
npm ERR! npm v4.0.2

npm ERR! missing script: build:prod
npm ERR!
npm ERR! If you need help, you may report this error at:
npm ERR! https://github.com/npm/npm/issues

npm ERR! Please include the following file with any support request:
npm ERR! /opt/lampp/htdocs/angular/angular2-webpack-master (copy)/npm-debug.

i m getting this error wen i excuted thsi command (npm run build:prod
Any body can help me to come ot from this error
anyone here?
Ryan B Leach
How does this starter match up with the current state of angular-cli?
Ahir Hasmukh
I have a questions about angular2 related. so you can help me?
Gangamwar Soumya
Hi, any one know How to read stateparam value in angular2(Like $state.param in angular1)
Vipin Shukla
Hi I am looking for e2e testing can anyone please suggest how to start with in angularclass
@soumyagangamwar Hi ActivatedRoutersnapShot and RouterSnapShot Provide routing states are you looking for routing states ?
need some help with the webpack starter
is it normal that the repo doesn't have a vendor file?
Ahir Hasmukh
<i (keypress)="showPassword()" (keyup)="hidePassword()" class="icon icon-eye">Show password</i>
not working keypress and keyup event
Chris Grant
Has anyone got the starter working with bootstrap and sass?
José G. Ramírez
Hi! One Question: Why i get this error when try run the project?
Uncaught TypeError: WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_19_zone_js_dist_long_stack_trace_zone is not a function
Matan Shukry
hi, I'm trying to use this starting project: https://github.com/blacksonic/angular2-aot-cli-webpack-plugin together with bootstrap loader , but I keep getting the error "document is not defined". Any idea what am I missing?
Why is it so difficult to use Twitter Bootstrap with Angular2?
Abhishek Srivastava
@chaiwa-berian Are you using ? @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap