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i am using PathLocationStrategy
If i type in my url in browser then its gives me error of 404
on local system localhost it redirects me to "" routs
has anyone faced this issue
Hi Everybody, anyone know how to exclude services from Treeshaking, I am building a library package and Treeshaking is excluding my services since are not imported
@acostaf are you using angular-cli?
Mark Oliver
Instead of SASS why not more support for Stylus + Rupture? https://github.com/jescalan/rupture http://stylus-lang.com/docs/js.html
Does anyone know why people are starting to include the + before the custom folder names for instance in this project the +detail
matthew harwood
it's nomenclature for "route"
So it's not really a component persay but rather a composition of components
that for a route
Everything is a component but routes are a bit special and we want them at the top of our directories
Josh Elias
@jimitndiaye I think you're responding to the wrong person :S
great thanks @matthewharwood !
Josh Elias
@jimitndiaye my question was about the Router
hi everyone. Can someone provide a link that shows how to deal with 3rd party libraries (whatever type) in starter? I found only how to do this with popular libraries like jquery, bootstrap.
Andrey Konstantinov
Hi, I have attempted to add external css file (leaflet.css) via "@import 'leaflet/dist/leaflet.css';" (i.e. I have followed the instructions for the example with bootstrap.scss). Unfortunately, I have got the problem: ERROR in ./~/css-loader!./~/sass-loader/lib/loader.js!./src/styles/styles.scss
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve './leaflet/dist/leaflet.css' in 'D:\Projects\UI\angular2-webpack-starter\src\styles'
can somebody help me, please?
when I add @import '/leaflet/dist/leaflet.css'; it compiles, but the css file is not loaded in runtime and not placed into dist folder.
Girish Rathod
Hi guys I need some help. I am using https://github.com/ng2-ui/ng2-datetime-picker for datetime picker
But it only works when I use type="date" in input field.
              <input class="form-control"
                  id="DateAvailable" name="DateAvailable" placeholder="Date" type="date" #DateAvailable="ngModel" 
                  [ngModel]="property.DateAvailable"  ng2-datetime-picker
                  date-only="false" />
I want to open picker on input click.
Please any suggestions?
Small question: Why is jasmine-core in dependencies and DevDependencies list?
Raphael Luchini
Hello folks, seems a dependency update broke something on compiler, anyone experiencing that?
Thuyet Le Van
hi Guys, i'm using angular2-webpack-starter repo, but when i upgraded to "webpack": "2.2.1" and "webpack-dev-server": "2.4.1" then watch is not working when i change some code
Could you help me resolve it?
Andrey Konstantinov
I am observing only question and no answers. Is this project maintained?
Brian Thompson
@MrSoviet I believe that is an error and it should only be in DevDependencies.
jeewendra kumar
has anyone used ng2-dnd library

I have a simple radio component <my-radio> , here is the template

<input #input type="radio"

in my component i do have

onClick(event:Event){ }
onChange(event:Event){ }
onFocus(event:Event){ }
onBlur(event:Event){ }

i am getting

ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: self.context.focus is not a function
can anyone help on this?
Narcis Cristea
Hi guys just a quick question. Is iOS 9 supported? I am getting errors on 'modules moduleid .call'
Hey everyone. I am looking for a answer to a quick question. I am using auth0 to authenticate users in my angular2 app. I have a component that lives above the main content area called breadcrumb. That area shows a login link and when someone logs in, it changes to a picture of the user by gravatar and email address which is supplied in the response from auth0. The problem is that the data does not get set to localStorage before the page renders and does not show it till the page is refreshed. Could anyone help me with that? You can see the question on Stack Overflow here, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42541390/angular2-auth-with-auth0-redirecting-before-gravatar-exist
Hi, i can't find issue how import normalize.css in src/styles/styles.scss! someone found how do it?
Hi guys. I am having such errors with my npm linked library, when running npm run build: ERROR in [at-loader] ../module2/dist/@custorm/custom-plugin/plugin/plugin.component.ts:3:1 TS2343: This syntax requires an imported helper named '__decorate', but module 'tslib' has no exported member '__decorate'. Any idea where I should start?
Girish Rathod

Hi guys I am using RouteConfig to set dynamic URL with regexp.

Can Anyone give best example or link to use?

Hello everyone,
What is the right way to import fonts in ttf format? Currently I have no fonts that work? I created a fonts.scss file that I import into the main app.scss file. I tried several ways to do it but nothing works. thank you
Capture d’écran 2017-03-06 à 11.17.22.png
Capture d’écran 2017-03-06 à 11.18.37.png
Capture d’écran 2017-03-06 à 11.18.21.png
Capture d’écran 2017-03-06 à 11.50.29.png
hello there, How to add the background image in a selected component from the assets folder. I need help
Hello, how to implement in memory web api into this package ?
I followed the documentation and it keep errors 404 not found
anybody ?
help please
Brian Thompson
@hitoz Hey there, let me clone the repo and take a look at that for you.
Forrest Murray
How should I add @angular/material? The repo says to use the material2 branch, but it looks like that's not around any more.