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ahh gotcha
cool thanks! @fazanki
Franco Zanki
Franco Zanki
is it possible to get window.location in webpack.prod.js?
Am i correct to think that window object is not available at webpack run time?
I follow to different tutorials to setup webpack , karma and angular but I still have the same problem...can someone help me?
Hey there. Can anyone enlighten me about the difference (if existent) between:
  1. Having global style by importing it in the app.module (like what's being done for the nav), which results in a file being imported in index
  2. Setting NONE for app's component encapsulation, then defining global style in the app.component.css (also being done in the repo's code)
    Thanks :+1:
Does anyone know why the webpack-starter doesn't use rollup?
David Alejandro Reyes Milian
Hi there @ryansonshine, can I ask for a suggestion?
Err sry I'm driving now but go ahead and ask and I'll try to get back to you when I get home
Nguyen Ba Truong
There is an issue with the lazy module routing configuration
If for some reason, module +detail need to import module +barrel then barrel module routes will override detail module routes
so if you click on Detail button, it will load Barrel component
Is there any workaround?
@david-alejandro-reyes-milian were you still looking for a suggestion?
Nguyen Ba Truong
@ryansonshine Should i make an issue on github repo for the issue above?
has anyone used angular2 web pack starter to deploy a cloud foundry app? I'm failing at 'npm run webdriver:update'
Hello, I'm using the angular-starter project and I have a question about the lazy loading. Whenever I run the app and open it in my browser, looking in the chrome console it shows all of the (supposed to be) lazy loaded modules "'__' component/bundle loaded asynchronously" messages right at the start, without having clicked on the route links. Is this how it's supposed to work? I got the impression that these modules shouldn't load, and the messages shouldn't show, until I actually click the links?
Nguyen Ba Truong
You can turn off it
by removing the preloading in the app module
@r3dp4nd4 what error are you receiving?
Dan Cancro
Hi all. Still very much a work in progress, but here is my open source JHipster + ngrx + angular4 + angular-cli + Webpack + WebSockets + SpringMVC + Material Design + i18n + yarn + ElasticSearch deployed web application https://great-big-example-application.herokuapp.com and the repository https://github.com/dancancro/great-big-example-application
@truongnguyen-ntq ah, thank you
Has anyone successfully used the HMR against a live backend server?
Pierre CAVIN
working fine
Vitali Carbivnicii
i can't understand how to add my css
which would override some other styles loaded from modules
i'm including styles/app.scss in app.module.ts
which looks like this -
@import "scss/material.variables";
@import "scss/material.themes";
@import "scss/mixins/bi-app/bi-app-ltr";

// Core Variables and Mixins
@import "scss/app.variables";
@import "scss/mixins";

// Core Styles
@import "scss/core";
@import "scss/material";
@import "scss/utilities/utilities";

// ngx datatable
@import '~@swimlane/ngx-datatable/release/index.css';
@import '~@swimlane/ngx-datatable/release/themes/material.css';
@import '~@swimlane/ngx-datatable/release/assets/icons.css';

// material themes
@import '~@angular/material/prebuilt-themes/indigo-pink.css';
@import './scss/components/_timeline.scss';

@import 'app.css';
but in the result styles from app.css are injected somewhere in the middle of the dom
@realcnbs what does your webpack configuration look like?
Vitali Carbivnicii
@ryansonshine standard angular2-webpack-starter config
try renaming it to styles/styles.scss
@realcnbs and what does your app.module.ts look like on the import
Vitali Carbivnicii
import '../styles/styles.scss';
i googled around, and i don't think this can be solved, because angular material styles are injected by angular to the bottom of styles tag
Vitali Carbivnicii
nothing changed after rename
Hello, recently I stumbled upon a strange moment when developing my project. My app started lagging a lot after some moment. I took a CPU profile in chrome devtools and it turned out a process called getStacktraceWithUncaughtError related to zone js took ~3s. After some playing around with it and after upgrade to angular 4 (from angular 2.4) and zone 0.8.10 the load time significantly decreased. But all the previous versions of zone didn't have the effect. I tried debugging it, but and not sure how to properly debug the execution of this zone js function. No errors are in the console and terminal. Tried to google it, but it seems nobody is facing the same issue. Can somebody of the experts help me with any tip why it might be happening? Any thoughts?
André Mantas
Hello. Setting 'publicPath' property in webpack.prod.js below 'path' is not working
any tips?
i want to deploy in iis virtual dir
Deepak Kanyan
Hi buddy
ERROR in default is not an NgModule when i am trying to use ng build
it working fine with ng serve but when i try to use ng build it gives error
as i search a lot about this issue it is just because of aot compiler