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  • I am new to angular2 and js.
  • I have 1500 lines of code.
  • in that, I am trying to call the function change listener. it is working in another file, but not working in my file.
  • can you tell why it's happening and how to fix it?
  • I placed debugger inside the function change listener to check whether it's going inside that but it's not going inside that function.
  • in console also I don't see any errors
  • providing relevant code below and whole code in the fiddle, since no place to paste the whole code below
 <label class="fileContainer dragAndDropHolder" >
                    <input type="file" id="attachKickBrowseSim" [class.disabled]="isFingersLocked" (change)="changeListener($event)" />

    /* On Change */
  changeListener($event) : void {

  /*Encode File*/
  swimming(inputValue: any): void { 
    var foul = this;
      var file:File = inputValue.files[0];

        var myReader:FileReader = new FileReader();
        myReader.onloadend = (e) => {
        this.encodeBase64 = myReader.result;
        foul.fileSelect=$("#attachKickBrowseSim").val().replace(/^.*\\/, "");
        foul.dragDrop = foul.clearSim;
        foul.dragDrop= "";
        foul.dragDrop= foul.fileSelect;

Hey All, In the custom head tags. I wanted to add some new tags here by calling out to an external (trusted service) to get <script> tags I need to embed in the Head. Anybody done that?
I will give it a shot
José G. Ramírez

Hi! Nice to meet...

Excuse me, I have a question.
:question: I haven't yet debugged NodeJS APIs in the project. :worried: :question:

From the setup, I invoke my routes with argument app (express)

Is there a way to debug these files?


From webpack.dev.js
My code:
  setup: function(app) {
    // For example, to define custom handlers for some paths:
    new ThirdPartyRoute(app, null);
But, :question: How can I make breakpoints to my files from vscode? Chrome debugger are just the client files.
David Nguyen
hi all
How can i detect if has an requesting to an api? then if existing cancel it and send new request to that api with new params
HI, I am compiling with aot and AoT vendor bundle still includes the compiler...anyone have any idea about this?
Dan Cancro
Hi @gdi2290 would you like to help fill in the column of information about this starter in my database (Column O) of that kind of thing? Once it's all in there you can use this tool to compare things or generate side-by-side-by-side reports like this one

Hey there, i get this error:

npm WARN extract-text-webpack-plugin@2.1.2 requires a peer of webpack@^2.2.0 but none was installed.
npm WARN webpack-dev-server@2.4.5 requires a peer of webpack@^2.2.0 but none was installed.

I have webpack 3.3.0

Hi, I am wondering how to server our production build from the same server that we serve in the dev environment? Right now we server dev build with npm start (builds and hosts) and we serve our production (AOT) build with a custom node server. We want to standardize the process and always serve the app from the same server (preferably the server that hosts the dev build when npm start is ran). How could we do this?
Sarath DR
ng e2e test timed out if I use [(ngModel)]=“stayLogin” in layout any idea why?
Dan Cancro
I'm getting this error when trying to do a production AOT build of my project (angularclass branch). It seems to be looking for the lazy loaded module file
src/main/webapp/app/features/bernie/bernie.module.ts at
src/main/webapp/app/bernie/bernie.module.ts at
ERROR in ./compiled/src/main/webapp/app/app.module.ngfactory.ts
Module build failed: Error: Can't resolve './bernie/bernie.module' in '/Users/Dan/work/a/gba/src/main/webapp/app'
    at onError (/Users/Dan/work/a/gba/node_modules/enhanced-resolve/lib/Resolver.js:61:15)
    at loggingCallbackWrapper (/Users/Dan/work/a/gba/node_modules/enhanced-resolve/lib/createInnerCallback.js:31:19)
    at runAfter (/Users/Dan/work/a/gba/node_modules/enhanced-resolve/lib/Resolver.js:158:4)
Hi guys tslint complains on this code, saying that Don’t use ‘Function’ as a type. Avoid using the Function type. Prefer a specific function type, like () => void. Is there anyway of formatting this in a way that tslint accepts? The suggestion () => void does not really work out.
interface AsyncRoutes {
  [component: string]: Es6PromiseLoader |
                               Function |
                FactoryEs6PromiseLoader |
                         FactoryPromise ;
Freddy Montes
Hi guys, I'm getting this error, I tried anything I can think of and no luck, any ideas?
Uncaught TypeError: jit_val_0 is not a function
    at eval (ng:///AppModule/module.ngfactory.js:3)
    at evalExpression (vendor.dll.js:71552)
    at jitStatements (vendor.dll.js:71564)
    at JitCompiler._compileModule (vendor.dll.js:71845)
    at vendor.dll.js:71784
    at Object.then (vendor.dll.js:46693)
    at JitCompiler._compileModuleAndComponents (vendor.dll.js:71782)
    at JitCompiler.compileModuleAsync (vendor.dll.js:71711)
    at PlatformRef_._bootstrapModuleWithZone (vendor.dll.js:6388)
    at PlatformRef_.bootstrapModule (vendor.dll.js:6374)
    at HTMLDocument.main (main.bundle.js:7650)
    at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (polyfills.dll.js:4522)
    at Zone.runTask (polyfills.dll.js:4289)
    at ZoneTask.invokeTask [as invoke] (polyfills.dll.js:4596)
    at invokeTask (polyfills.dll.js:5462)
    at HTMLDocument.globalZoneAwareCallback (polyfills.dll.js:5488)
David Nguyen
hi all
How can i fix this issue in webpack-starter. I've tried to find in index.html but there is'nt a line of polyfill
Vladimir Saakyan
guys, i need your help to connecting otf font files to my angular 2 project
can you explain me how to connect loader to webpack config
Deepak Kanyan
Hello folks, i am using https://github.com/InfomediaLtd/angular2-materialize/ multiple select.
i want to show by default selected some options base on dynamic data.
can somebody please help me how can i do this.
i am using AbstractControl formControl for this multiselect
Vladimir Saakyan
hello everyone
Hello all
while runing the command npm run build:aot:prod
I get an error like
Error: Error encountered resolving symbol values statically. Reference to a local (non-exported) symbol 'routes'. Consider exporting the symbol (position 19:7 in the original .ts file), resolving symbol HomeRoutingModule in /var/www/html/ng2-lab/prowebcli/src/app/modules/home/home-routing.module.ts
not sure what is wrong in homeRoutingModule
Screenshot from 2017-08-23 08:59:27.png
Jan Möller
am i correct in assuming that the current ScriptExtHtmlWebpackPlugin config includes all the functionality of the commented out preloadWebpackPlugin ?
@Croissong this bewlo is my code . it is just simple without having to use more components.
and having this error in console.

Hello All
I have a issue in AOT with tree shaking
Scenerio 1:
When I build by application with AOT, and then running the dist folder using http-server, the application opens in the browser and works fine, No issues here :grinning:.

Scenerio 2:
But when I add tree shaking code in my file : webpack.config.js along with AOT build

 new HtmlWebpackPlugin({ title: 'Tree-shaking' })

reference : http://jakewiesler.com/tree-shaking-es6-modules-in-webpack-2/

and on running the AOT build folder, the browser displays error in the console like ERROR Error: The selector "app" did not match any elements
leaving with blank screen
Now If I remove that tree-shaking code from web-pack and run the AOT build then the Application again works properly

Not Sure, what else is missing.
please have a look at my issue, and help me if you have any idea

and the AOT build is happening on the command npm run build:aot:prod
Sandeep Gupta
Is this Chat Room for Angular 2
if this chat room is Active and heplful plz reply
you are in wrong room
Deepak Kanyan
Hi friends i have created website in angular2 cli now i need seo for the same but i don't want to use angular2 universal. is there any other method for server side rendering or seo for angular 2
Stanislav Kovalenko
Hello all!
Can you help me in starting a new project with angular 4 starter kit with webpack and a lot of features (https://github.com/AngularClass/angular-starter), which files/folder I can delete for starting new project. Thanks.
Hi, when using the webpack-dev-server, how can I set up proxies that pull their config from a local file?
Stanislav Kovalenko
devServer: {
        contentBase: path.join(__dirname, "dist"),
        compress: true,
        port: 9000,
        proxy: {
            '/api': {
                target: 'http://localhost:3000',
                secure: false,
                pathRewrite: {
                    "^/api": ""
@KovalenkoStas, thank you. I found that but I needed to pull the actual values from a static (non repo’ed) file. So this is what I did:
var proxies = require("../proxy.config.json");
var proxy_url = proxies.base_api_url;
devServer: {
      proxy: {
          '/api_request': {
              target: proxy_url,
              secure: false
Hi, what scenario would I use the github-deploy:prod command for?
Luke Chatton
Hello! How would I go about determining if the client is running in production vs development (from the angular 2 client side, not web server)?