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    I recently started using ankipandas to try to get some data from a deck. I am building a website right now that will help teachers make powerpoint presentations quickly. I am working on English right now, and I needed a data set that included the word and a representative image. I found a great deck that has around 4000 words with images and sound clips, and I am trying to get the relevant data out from the deck and make my own database. Is ankipandas the right tool for the job, or should I use the anki python tools directly?
    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Kilian Lieret
    Hi @GorchompStomp Sorry I somehow didn't receive an email notification about this.
    So in Anki the pictures are stored in a media folder and references by their name on the notes
    So all you would need is to export the deck to e.g. csv and then copy the relevant images from the media folder
    This can probably already be done with the normal anki setup