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Repo info
    Eve Freeman
    ok good
    Swayam Narain
    Thank you!
    Eve Freeman
    no problem, have a good day :sparkles:
    Swayam Narain
    you too!
    Kai Chen
    0.9.1 released with support for neo4j 3.0 (not posting in the mailing list since nobody is there :))
    Darren Gibson
    Does it use the new API or the rest API?
    Eve Freeman
    it's using the transactional endpoint
    would be pretty cool to implement the socket stuff, or at least wrap the java impl
    Kai Chen
    yes, still REST; the java native driver is not async yet, much less streaming, so that's at least what's unique in anormcypher. But if you use transaction, async or streaming is not really meaningful, especially when one part of the tx depends on the successful result of a previous stmt
    Swayam Narain

    Is it possible to use the parser api directly on any nodes that were returned? i.e., can I do something like this:

    Cypher("MATCH (u: User) RETURN u").single(str("u.id"))

    The query above results in an exception: "u.id not found, available columns : u"

    I tried using "RETURN u.*" but received a cypher syntax exception "Invalid input '*' "

    Kai Chen
    With anormcypher-0.8.1 the node mapping should still work. The 0.9 series switched to the transactional endpoint, and Neo4j 2.x doesn't return node and relationships. Neo4j 3.x does return the information again through the transactional endpoint, and we do plan to add node mapping back. HTH.
    Kai Chen
    Hi, guys, I can't find Eve, and was about to ask github to switch Anormcypher into a top-level project (instead of a fork from Eve's original) before I realized that I should probably check with people here fist. Give me a shout if you don't like the idea.
    Hello, Did you know if it is possible to get the number of created node(s) from a Cypher().execute() (on another call) ?
    I would like to know how many node (or relationship) is create with a cypher request like MERGE (n {name:"something"})-[:REL]->(p {name:"otherthing"}) ?
    Kai Chen
    Right now there isn't any stats such as 'number of nodes created' etc exposed through the AnormCypher api. And that's because we're supporting both Neo4j 2.x and 3.x, and in 2.x only the legacy REST endpoint returns stats -- though I haven't checked whether it returns the nodes created stats specifically. The 3.x series does return these numbers, but we're not asking for it in the REST query.

    I'm really struggling to get data out of my cypher query - I'm collecting paths .

    Here is the query match p=(n:node)-[r:PERMISSION]->(t:node), (o:node{id:$id})-[:PARENT*0..]-(t) return COLLECT(p). This returns [[{id: 3}, {}, {id: 1}], [{id:6}, {}, {id: 2}]] - I got a seq of cypher results row, but I cannot for the life of me get the data out because it keeps failing the typecheck.

    i always get Error:(24, 33) could not find implicit value for parameter c: org.anormcypher.Column[_]
    im trying to cast it to a List[List[_]]
    Printing out the CypherResultRow gives CypherResultRow('COLLECT(p)':List(List(Map(id -> 3), Map(), Map(id -> 1)), List(Map(id -> 6), Map(), Map(id -> 2))) as String)
    Kai Chen
    What about row.asList?
    Hi everyone, quick question: Why do the examples in the readme show the CypherRow syntax, but it says it's not yet supported? As a user, this has me confused a bit.
    It would be nice to have a more direct example which we can actually use. Is there something I'm missing?
    Hi everyone. I have a question(most likely a stupid one but never the less...) In previous releases NeoNode used to be defined as 'case class NeoNode(id:Int, props:Map[String,Any])', but now it has lost its id parameter. So, I wonder, if there is still a way to obtain node id without explicitly adding it to Cypher query?
    @gendin -- i am having the same problem. Is there a way to get an id without adding to the query?
    Michael Merz
    Hi, currently my build fails because http://repo.anormcypher.org ist down?

    Hi everyone, I want to know how to write a parser for data which has type of Map[string,Map[string,string]] like below:

    val parser: Map[string,Map[string,string]] =...
    val result: List[Map[string,Map[string,string]] ] = SQL"SELECT * FROM table".as(parser.*)
    //for three item has relation like: ( item1 -> (item2 -> item3))