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Jan 2017
Jan 27 2017 09:02
Hey guys, i saw on the github page that this project is in need of new maintainers. I would like to volunteer. But i have no idea where to start, this is my first open source project. If there is anyone there who could guide me. I would appreciate that. Cheers.
Matthias Dittrich
Jan 27 2017 10:14
@courosh12 Thanks for your interest. Usually (from my experience at least) it goes like this:
  • earning some trust by fixing bugs, showing interest in the project - for example by helping users improving docs or implementing new features.
  • After a sustained amount of time people usually give you more and more rights, for example to merge and review other peoples work followed by doing releases on your own
Jan 27 2017 12:22
@matthid Thanx for you reply. Do you also have guidelines for the code , testing etc. Like i said i am not very experienced in this area and my qualite of code or tests may not be what is expected here.