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Repo info
Shane Chambers
I am picking this up tonight. My name is Shane, have 7 years of dotnet experience. Currently need something in dotnetcore that will allow me to output html from a library instead of a mvc project. Looks like there has been much chatter on here.
Hi, I am trying to use razorengine for a vb.net class library project. Unfortunately I keep receiving type '' not defined error while invoking "runcompile"
Any idea why is this occuring.
Its not even resolving the types that are part of the assembly
Will this be available for NETCORE 2.0?
Shyamal Parikh
@ChrisBriggsy Were you able to make RazorEngine work in Azure Functions?
Alok Sharma
can we use netcore 2.0 with vs 2015
Mark Tkachenko
Hello! Will it be ported to .NET Standart?
Hey, guys!
Has somebody tried to move asp.net mvc 5 application to asp.net core? Is there any app performance gain? Does it work on linux as well as on windows?
J Khalaf
Hi all
But var templateService = new TemplateService(); is not recognised
I assume that article is now way out of date, can someone point me to an up to date article please?
Dinesh Yelchuri
I am planning to use this tool as HTML report generation tool in an enterprise
Is any one experienced any issues with that?
Steven Yates
Hey, Does this libary support .net core?
Mark Tkachenko
No, it doesnt
Good afternoon folks
Vladimir Shmidt
What for a plan of adopting to a core?
@vladimir-shmidt maybe they want to increase the number of maintainers before go to that
Good morning
i have a little question
when i'm using partial layouts how can i use the custom directives
but can't send a custom config
Paulo Ricardo Stradioti

Hi everyone. I'm trying to improve the performance of the first time I call a report by caching it ahead of time. However, my attempts to cache the template seems to have no effect.

Please, what am I doing wrong?
Here's the code? https://pastebin.com/mbJ1NzPa

Paulo Ricardo Stradioti
anyone please?
Jake Ashcraft
Does anyone know of a full example on GitHub that loads layout, css, javascript, etc? Perhaps an example using bootstrap or similar framework.
Hey guys
3 replies
please i have a little question
i am using RazorEngine.NetCore in .Net Core 3.1 and when i run Engine.Razor.Compile(key); i get the following error
Could not load type 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Razor.Language.RazorTemplateEngine' from assembly 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Razor.Language, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=adb9793829ddae60'.
Artur Karbone
Hi guys. I have (i believe similar issue as @texyh ). In .NET Core 3.1 project with the latest RazoreEngine.NetCore i keep getting : The type or namespace name 'Hosting' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Razor' (are you missing an assembly reference?)
Roberto Denisi
Hi, .Net Core 3.1 is not supported?
Roberto Denisi
I have the same error: Could not load type 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Razor.Language.RazorTemplateEngine' from assembly 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Razor.Language, Version=
Han Dong
RazorTemplateEngine What to replace on 3.0
Yaseen Agwan
hey did anybody have used razor engine with sql queires especially for mssql queries?
Matthias Burger
Hey guys, I got some trouble when publishing my web-application (.net 4.6.1) in release-mode.. in debug it seems to work, in release-mode, template cant compile.. Anybody here who can help?
Hey Guys,
I am getting this error Could not load type 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Razor.Language.RazorTemplateEngine' from assembly 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Razor.Language, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=adb9793829ddae60'.'
@chinturathod RazorEngine will not work on .NET Core, you can try mine :) https://github.com/adoconnection/RazorEngineCore
Hi @adoconnection RazorEngine is working fine in azure functions with .net core 3.0. I am geting this error in .net core web api.
Interesting, Are you sure there is core3?
Yes i m sure
To be honest I have no understanding how it is possible
how can i call static function inside HTML convertor
Abhishek B.
want to know RazorEngine Template can cached long time in file or somewhere to manually clear template when it been updated..
Memory Caching we are doing but it only hold sometime in memory only.
Igor A. Melekhine
how to run RazorTemplate example on OSX?
provided examples die