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    Hi @thisAAY You can download Tamazight for ASK. I've added arabic layout inside. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anysoftkeyboard.languagepack.tamazight
    Tamazight for ASK is multilanguage : Kabyle (latin), Tamazight (Tifinagh) and Arabic (ar+dictionary).
    Ahmed Ali
    Great but I want the source itself because I want to add to my own project
    Sorry I just found the source on https://github.com/AnySoftKeyboard/LanguagePack
    Hi, I want to update the word list for the Danish language pack and add a dvorak layout. But since I haven't worked with android apps before I was hoping that I could just provide the xml + word list, if someone is willing to handle the code.
    Does that sound reasonable? Thanks
    Arsen Arsenovic
    when will the serbian language pack appear on f-droid?
    Arsen Arsenovic
    just built it, doesn't really matter, however all the words in the dictionary are cyrilics, while I prefer typing on latinics
    how are the dictionaries created? I may be able to collect some more words and transpose them from cyrilics into latinics
    I added a new PR for a AOSP german keyboard-layout, done the right way: AnySoftKeyboard/LanguagePack#288 Every german user who want to use a better keyboard-layout can use this prebuilt apk until this fixes get merged https://github.com/AnySoftKeyboard/LanguagePack/files/3641001/ASKLangPack-german-184-debug.zip
    Heyo, im working on getting my head around the codebase for this project. Is there anywhere i could find a list of the different keycodes and ASK specific key attributes? Thanks!
    Found the api xml file, never mind
    Menny Even Danan
    i have the letter "ۏ" with unicode 06cf, where can I find its ANDROID CODE?
    the letter ص for example has the ANDROID CODE 1589. is there a table or something for these values ??
    you have to use the unicode decimal
    *decimal form
    However, is there any reason to use the android code over the actual symbol? Also, is there any way to have a button that would switch all the rows to other characters, similar to shifting, either with keyboard_modes, or linking to xml files like on the pop-up keys?
    using the ask:shiftedCodes attribute has some unwanted side effects for some languages, like automatic capitalization at the beginning of a sentence and it seems slow to render if there are a lot of them
    @matttttt_gitlab thanks a lot, you have answered my question perfectly.
    Youre welcome
    I am having problems with loading this repo into android studio
    Android studio just refuses to work with Java 10! Whenever I give path to JDK10, it throws an error Please Select a valid JDK8 directory.
    I am totally new to these things, and a little bit of help will be appreciated. Thanks!
    Menny Even Danan
    @sanvedj I have both JDK10 and JDK8 installed on my system.
    The global, default, JDK is JDK10
    and for Android Studio I use the internal JDK (AS is shipped with a JDK inside of it. At least on mac).
    Okay thanks, how do you set it up? I have set the environment variable JAVA_OPTS but can't get it to run at all. There are three errors regarding some class not found ReseourceHelper
    Hello, I'm looking through the LanguagePack repo source code - any tips for how I might be able to add a Chinese language pack? I have or can get any word lists / dictionaries for mapping input keys to characters, but it seems the keyboard currently only supports languages with alphabets that are used for both input and written text...
    kokoye2007 
    localization Emoji support ??
    apple > 
    cat >
    bird >
    like list to suggestion support (Gboard like)
    mubashir bashir
    Hey there,
    I am trying to build an custom keyboard app with kashmiri language as default. How would I add it to code and release it as apk
    Nikola Marić
    @w1d3m0d3 did you manage to create that Serbian language pack? I would be grateful if you could share it somewhere. Hvala i pozz..
    Hello everyone
    Help me to understand is it possible to write language pack so that it will suggest words with substituted letters/words like pinyin to chinese hieroglyphics (ex. rén -> 人 ) for tatar language inalif-2 to yanalif-2 ( sa'lam -> sәlam)
    Niceo Memeo
    Hi @menny , I've seen that an issue opened by me some time ago (this one: AnySoftKeyboard/AnySoftKeyboard#1488 ) has been closed by the anysoftkeyboard-bot even though it's not solved and I commented on it to keep it open. Could you please open it again? It seems like I can't. Or, if you could please add Sardinian to the list of languages in the "Tweaks"-> "Force language" menu, that would be even better. It was available in the list of one of the beta versions from the beta program in Google Play, but it's still not available in the stable ones from there or from F-Droid.
    Hi. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I have an issue when connecting a physical keyboard to my phone, where it defaults to english layout. If I have both english and norwegian enabled, I can switch using the hotkey, but it will always start with english. If I disable english, it will still start with english, and I can't use the hotkey to change it. I can change it by tapping the external keyboard notification, but it just changes back after like two seconds. Anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it?
    Luis Anibal Villegas
    Hi three 😃. I'm looking to make a language pack for the Papiamento 🇦🇼 language. I noticed that the language pack repository has been deprecated, so I was wondering if there were up to date instructions on how to add a new language. Is it relatively easy? Any help would be appreciated.
    suppose devs abandoned this chat 😕
    Hi all! We're planning to rewrite the Esperanto Language package (both layouts and dictionary) and we have some questions:
    1) How many layouts could we add? Esperanto speakers are through all world around, so we plan to add the most common latin-layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Colemak, Dvorak, Workman, Bepo...)
    2) Is it possible to add the emoji's as a pop-up key? I think emoji's android:code is "-10". Is there any list where we could see those codes? For unicode/HTML codes isn't a problem, as they're very common
    3) For pop-up characters, is there any logic to determine which character (first, second, third...) will be exactly above the original key? Seems that sometimes is the first, other times the third...
    4) Is it possible to see the changes made on the layouts, with Android Studio or with other tool, before PR? Or will we have to wait for the publication for Android devices?
    Hi all!
    How to add french keyboard?
    What do you mean? Where do you want to add it? As a user? If is that way, go to F-droid, Aurora Droid or Google Play and search for "AnySoftKeyboard french"
    Navneet Vikram Tey
    Is there any plan to add Hinglish to keyboard anytime soon?
    Help! I have my locale set to English but the "secondary characters" are all foriegn characters if that makes sense... Anyone help?
    Vivek KJ Pazhedath
    How to make a language pack in ASK ?
    Madhan Kumar S
    In my app, there is an option to change the language from settings. When I use this keyboard, is it possible to use the chosen language in the keyboard?