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    Matthew Doty
    Hey everyone!
    Hopefully this will work out
    I guess it works.
    Jonathan Castello
    A test: (z)={yP:yz}\downarrow(z) = \{y \in P : y \le z\}
    Woohoo! Not sure Kan extensions are discussed in this course, but it would be interesting to understand the motivations for this. Perhaps nLab is a good source?
    Grant Roy
    Code test, also question, does anyone mess around with Maude at all? I've played with it very sparingly over the last year or so, and like Haskell it also has roots in category theory. This code sample is from
    the Maude Book. I thought of the Petri Net example while I was looking through some of John's stuff.
        sorts Place Marking .
        subsort Place < Marking .
        op 1 : -> Marking [ctor] .
        op __ : Marking Marking -> Marking [ctor assoc comm id: 1] .
        ops a b n r j : -> Place [ctor] .
        var M : Marking .
        rl [buy] : r r r r => j j j j j j j j .
        rl [file] : j => a .
        rl [borr] : a => b .
        rl [ret] : b => a .
        rl [lose] : b => n .
        rl [disc] : a => n .
        rl [req1] : n n => r r .
        rl [req2] : M => M r .
    I just realized shift+enter allows you to hit enter without publishing, also the keyboard toggle at the top right is kinda neat
    Matthew Doty
    @johncarlosbaez I'm pretty happy with this and the it's LaTeX support. Can we change the name of this thread and have it link here? https://forum.azimuthproject.org/discussion/2039/slack-channel#latest
    okay, cool, it seems to work
    Jared Summers
    Hello everyone. One of the two (were there more?) Jareds here. If we are happy with this platform I can add a link to here from the Gitbook version of the lectures.
    Alexander Varga
    @lab-in-theory I started reading the Maude book a few months ago. It seemed extremely powerful with its reflective abilities. I'll have to get back to it some time.
    Grant Roy
    @asvarga Yes, I think it's a really elegant framework, I'm hoping that throughout the class I'll be able to use it to implement some of the ideas.
    Hey guys this is Michael Hong. dunno if I can keep up with the convo but would love listen in your discussions.
    Does anyone know how to change the screen name?
    Jonathan Castello
    I think you may need to set that in your Github profile, @aetheramd
    Jared Summers
    The name is based on your display name on GitHub. You can change it there in your settings.
    Cool thanks~
    Just testing if the screenname changed
    Hmmm guess I need to wait
    Jared Davis
    Hi @rabuf ! I'm the other Jared. I go by @jared-prime on github to avoid name collisions
    Hi, @xcthulhu, nice nick, love Lovecraft. May I abuse your offer to other member and ask you a copy of one paper of Erné you cited? It would be https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00383401 and I am jesus.lopez.salvador at gmail.
    Vijay Sharma
    @jesuslop @xcthulhu Include me too: I am at ivnyou.all@gmail.com