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Apr 2015
Andrew Reitz
Apr 17 2015 16:21
alright finally getting around to writing that
Andrew Reitz
Apr 17 2015 16:44
Is it cool if I bump the project to gradle 2.3?
AS is bitching about it not being at least 2.2
Andrew Reitz
Apr 17 2015 18:03
also did ../maven_push.gradle forget to be checked in?
Jorge Martin Espinosa
Apr 17 2015 21:19
Hi, sorry that it took so long to reply, I just saw the notification email now
It should be fine having a PR changing the project to gradle 2.3
As for maven.push, I didn't include it as it wasn't a 'build file', but I'm starting to think that it's better to include it and not force people to comment a line on the gradle files
Thanks for the suggestion :+1: