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May 2015
Eugene Kamenev
May 11 2015 05:02
@s0nerik hi there. I think I can answer your question. We used that explicitly "injection" methods because in many cases injection should be ordered and must happen in different places. So I am not sure we can provide implicitly injection. Thanks for feedback.
Jorge Martin Espinosa
May 11 2015 12:30
That kind of annotation may not be that bad for some classes that have a regular lifecycle, but I do really prefer the explicit injection. I used AndroidAnnotations in the past and the automatic injection via annotation gave me some serious problems in several places, having to drop AA all together for those or do some ugly hacks
What I think that could be a good idea is to mix all methods into a single SwissKnife.init(...) method, so you don't have to inject views, restore state and get extras one at a time
But that would mean more complexity behind the scenes and I don't know how bad for performance it could be
Eugene Kamenev
May 11 2015 12:37
One line for defining annotation Vs one line of injection