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May 2015
Alex Isaienko
May 12 2015 19:27
Ok, I got your point. Another question I have is related to the inheritance. @InjectView generates injectViews method that is final. It makes it impossible to have an inheritance chain of Activities or Fragments with injected views. Having an inject() method in a base class seems like a good approach to me, and I have been doing so with ButterKnife without problem. Was there any problem having non-final injection method?
Jorge Martin Espinosa
May 12 2015 20:15
Actually, you just found a bug if I'm not mistaken
At first I thought about doing view injection with 2 annotations, one for the class and the InjectView we have right now
InjectView would only be used as a pointer to a field that should be injected while the transform happened on the other one
That other would search for fields on that class and its parents, that's why I used final
But as view injection is done by InjectView itself it shouldn't be there anymore