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    If you can upload your own software using STLINK, uploading ArduPilot should be the same. I guess its going to be a 2 stages process A) Bootloader and B) AP Binaries
    Hi, is there a new system requirement for Mission Planner? I have seen some in the forums, but I am wondering if there is an updated requirement?
    Hey, in routing document here https://mavlink.io/en/guide/routing.html#routing-detail
    It says that "target_system field omitted" and this is meant to be not having target system field in the message right? for example, GLOBAL_POSITION_INT message does not have such target system or component fields so that this message must obey the routing rule ?
    Hello, does anyone know if the ArduPilot application has an option to display an MGRS grid?
    Does anyone know if Ardupilot is compatible with LuciadRia's maps? Thank.
    Hey there
    I just bought some RFD900x and am wondering if they work with mavlink2
    obviously it's just serial, so it'll work, but I'm specifically wondering about the mavlink framing
    [Jeff Wurzbach] They do
    Hey guys, im trying to get my plane to hold altitude when passing through waypoints - according to this: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-mavlink-mission-command-messages-mav_cmd.html#mav-cmd-nav-waypoint
    and when i set waypoint altitude to 0 it does descend to 0 instead of holding, has anyone encountered this ?
    @Gizm0San In docs for plane this parameter is described differently (just Target altitude)
    Thanks Polak, i understand, is there another way to achieve what i described with a plane ? a "global" altitude command or a way to "ignore" waypoint altitude when using Auto mode?
    and another question - is there a way to configure the Pixhawk to switch to Auto mode automatically when AFS_Enable is on and it lost link with GCS while in guided or FBW_B?
    Hi would you happen to know if the encircled can be changed? or would you happen to know what they mean?
    GPS: Information received from GNSS systems attached to the autopilot
    GPS2: Information received from GNSS systems attached to the autopilot
    POS: Canonical vehicle position
    GPSB: Information blended from GNSS systems attached to the autopilot
    Source: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/logmessages.html
    Thank you for this @PolakPL2002 , would you happen to know what canonical vehicle position means as compared to the actual GPS coordinates?
    I don't know, but I can guess that this is position that is combined from all available data sources and copter uses it to navigate. But that's just my guess, I have no source to support it.

    In copter waypoint is pre-processed and fragment of code which makes it hold altitude if 0 looks like this:

    Location ModeAuto::loc_from_cmd(const AP_Mission::Mission_Command& cmd) const
        Location ret(cmd.content.location);
        // use current lat, lon if zero
        if (ret.lat == 0 && ret.lng == 0) {
            ret.lat = copter.current_loc.lat;
            ret.lng = copter.current_loc.lng;
        // use current altitude if not provided
        if (ret.alt == 0) {
            // set to current altitude but in command's alt frame
            int32_t curr_alt;
            if (copter.current_loc.get_alt_cm(ret.get_alt_frame(),curr_alt)) {
                ret.set_alt_cm(curr_alt, ret.get_alt_frame());
            } else {
                // default to current altitude as alt-above-home
        return ret;

    You can add something to AP_Mission to fulfill your requirements. If I traced correctly every command goes through AP_Mission::start_command(const Mission_Command& cmd) in libraries/AP_Mission/AP_Mission.cpp, so adding additional case to switch in that method in which you would check for 0 altitude and replace it with current altitude should do the job.

    Something like this may work:

        if (cmd.content.location.alt == 0) {
        return _cmd_start_fn(cmd);

    Maybe there is simpler solution to this problem, if so somebody please correct me.

    new to this group and limited us with mission planner... Can anyone help me figure out how to get a background map included in the map drop down selection of my own ESRI map developed for use in designating agricultural research trials within 2 miles of home base. Probably have about 200 "blocks" or research trials we will be flying repeatedly this spring and summer... Any help is much appreciated.... Thank you!
    Jonas Köritz
    @MarkMaxx2020 if your map is available as a WMS service mission planner can be configured to use it.
    @PolakPL2002 Thanks for the detailed answer, could we use the ALT_OFFSET offset parameter as an alternative to achieve this goal ? would there be any drawbacks ? im thinking about setting a single altitude to all mission items and working with this parameter as a "global" altitude command.
    @Gizm0San Documentation states that It can be used to add a global altitude offset to a mission (Source), so it should be fine.
    It's probably painfully obvious to individuals schooled in Mission Planner how to incorporate either of these options into the 2020 missions I have planned but I really don't have any idea "how" to take the map with all the corners marked into my background map instead of say a google map or whatever is available as a default background map... I need to somehow get my own map into Mission Planner so missions can be flown that are easily identified using my ESRI map source.... Any ideas in lay-man are greatly appreciated. BTW - Thank you for the quick responses as the are getting me closer to making this whole thing work more efficiently.
    My last statement probably caused additional confusion however what is needed is some way to have an ESRI ARCMAP background loaded into background so I can readily find and fly my trials (.015 to .50 acre blocks) which I have marked and developed a map for in ARCMAP. If I could have that in as my CURRENT map it would make finding and flying these trials much easier and with greater efficiency. Many of these trials are under a pivot system so often the trials a situated a all kinds of various configuration within the tire lines of the irrigation system. Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Fteiti Foued
    Hello everyone, I'm working on ardurover with mecanum wheels and I have a problem controlling the wheels. is there a person working on ardurover with mecanum wheels?
    Hi.. how can i fly lower than home position in Auto mode with Quadplane.. (on SITL, the UAV just hits ground when it reaches home altitude)
    Ryan Johnston
    Anyone have any guidance on which is the most accurate and/or longest range flow sensor? I’ll be putting a 100m lidar paired with it so no need to rely on any built in lidar (unless there is something I haven’t seen thst is great and all in one). Thanks!
    Ryan Johnston
    hello. Anyone have any guidance how to properly flash fw AP_Periph on the processor f303. I tried st-flash write build/f303-Universal/bin/AP_Bootloader.bin 0x8000000 and
    st-flash write build/f303-Universal/bin/AP_Periph.bin 0x801000 , but the processor does not come out of the bootloader. There were no problems with f103.
    anyone online tonight?
    Randy Mackay
    Hi there, more and more discussion is moving to discord so you are all invited to join us over there! https://ardupilot.org/discord
    Hi, I am working on a convertible aircraft based on an easyglider and a tricopter configuration for hovering (two front tilting rotors and a fixed rear one). It is based on the Matrixpilot software and UDB5 board. Since this project is mostly for fixed wing aircraft, I implemented the hovering and transition functionality from scratch. There is no altitude control nor X-Y gps positioning. It works like a remote controlled aircraft. I am happy with flight qualities and hovering stability, and would like to go toward more automatic flight. So I am considering switching to Ardupilot. Which board would you advise (for non professional use) and what would be the implementation effort based on Ardupilot software? For the board choice, it is better if the weight could remain below 150g including the sensors.
    ArduPilot, calls what u are flying a Thrust Vectored Belly Sitter, aka TVBS, which is a type of QuadPlane (ardupilot speak for anything that takes off like a Copter and can fly like a plane)
    https://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/guide-tailsitter.html read this page and see if any of the motor layouts works for your vehicle, if yes, then u will have zero programming work to use ArduPilot
    Thank you, this tricopter configuration is indeed supported. It is mentioned that the quadplane functionality is implemented in the APM Plane v3.5 (firmware section in quadplane doc). I am a bit confused with the relationship between ArduPilot source code, the firmwares and in the end how to know which hardware is compatible. Could you please give some ressources on this?
    Hi, I am hesitating between a px4 and a px4 mini board for my convertible tilt rotor tricopter. I am not sure that the number of PWM outputs can be extended to 12 on the mini. Has anyone a feedback on the use of px4 or px4 mini on a convertible?
    i have question about gimbal control mavlink command
    Ryan Johnston
    I'm going to post this in companion as well but i'd like to put out a bounty for real-time geotagging from a companion (pi) computer for Sony cams. $1,000 to get it done and then we’ll open source it for all. Ping me for more info (a few specifics to do) but I’d like to have something similar to the drotagx and event38 companion computer made and kept open sourced (both are no longer sold/made by them) so this would be great to get out to people. It's just GPS_RAW_INT and GLOBAL_POSITION_INT read via mavlink and depending on the camera (we have been using the Sony R10c; the necessary exif data can be written to the files in near real-time). The R10c is no longer made but has an extensive API and triggering over USB has worked perfectly.
    Is there a way to see raw pulse counts of a wheel encoder?
    Andrew Tridgell
    just a reminder that the primary interactive discussion channels for ArduPilot is now on discord https://ardupilot.org/discord
    hi, i am trying to add qmc5883 driver in pixhawk, how to do it step by step
    Sonu Gadewar
    Hello everyone, I need a EO/IR camera for UAV. My required Specifications are :
    Tentative specs: EO/IR
    Atleast 2-axis stabilized
    Min EO Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (preferably 3840 x 2160)
    Min IR Resolution: 640 x 480 (preferably 1024 x 768)
    Optical Zoom: atleast 10x (preferably 20x or more)
    Required Detection, Recognition Identification (DRI) index for a Human being
    Detection: ~1.5+ km
    Recognition: ~1+ km
    Identification: ~500+ m
    Camera Interface: Preferably ethernet for both feed and gimbal control (IP based)
    Power consumption: Less than 50W
    Total system weight with associated peripherals: preferably less than 1kg
    Sonu Gadewar

    Hey everyone. Did anyone tried or is it possible to takeoff a ardu UAV from a hill top and landed at down hill in an autonomous ( way point) mission? Basically I want to land the UAV at a co-ordinate which is having altitude bellow/less then the home/take-off altitude in an autonomous mission..

    If it is possible the how we can archive that without any distance sensor?
    ( Currently we are not using any distance sensor)

    QGroundcontrol shows my rover at the wrong position. It's pretty much offset. Is there a way to calibrate the GPS position?
    or rather, do I need to calibrate the gps receiver? the arudpilot or can I configure an offset in qgroundcontrol?
    looked up and down but found nothing. :(