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Michael Oborne
@ThisIsTheOnlyUsernameAvailable make sure you run missionplanner from the missionplanner directory (this is fixed in beta as well)
ie mono MissionPlanner.exe and you are already in the MP directory
Ahhh. Thanks, @meee1
Hello, to my understand, in MP, when we go to Config -> Planner -> Telemetry rate, to change how fast the tlog is recorded, is it correct? What if I connect to my drone in Serial 1 with MP and I also change the messages intervals (some telemetry related messages like positions, attitude,...) by another applications which share the same Serial 1 (say companion PC)? Which one has higher priority? When I test this case myself, It seems like MP has dominated because I do not see any changes when sending the MESSAGE_INTERVAL message.
Hi guys. Does mission planner offer the option to automatically download logs to a companion computer? I mean without going through the menus, that it is done automatically when connected.
Tlogs are created automatically on connectiong. Downloading dataflash logs over USB takes a while and doing it over a radio is even slower. I wouldn't want that to be slowing me down in the middle of testing. Usually at the end of a flight day we will take the sdcard out and transfer files that way.
does anyone know a quick way to automatically have your logs downloaded to a companion computer, or even to save your logs on the CC instead of the SDcard in the flightcontroller when running mavros. I know your can get them from the logs directory using mavproxy but does mavros provide any similar functionality?
I've tried changing the logbackend params in mission planner but can't see the logs saved anywhere nor an option to choose where they are saved.
Furthermore mavros provides the following services:
and the following msgs:
can anyone point me to the documentation on these cos just reading the code i'm not fully sure what their function is and how it is implemented/how to use them.
I also know that the files are accessible when using apsync. With a full apsync build on a pi can i still run mavros?
sorry this issue is just really slowing down my progress.
Thanks @TunaLobster but the issue is my flightcontroller is embedded into the drone, it makes it basically impossible to retrieve the SD card without disassembling. I'm happy to write something to fix it I just need more knowledge on how it works currently to design the workaround
@FergalLonergan 1 other option would be a micro sd card extension. Monoprice has them listed on amazon and I'm sure elsewhere. The one I am looking at is about 18 inches long. It is not a perfect option, but it fixes it in hardware rather than software.
@TunaLobster on the mavros channel i was told about maverick. it has a pi setup similar to ardupilot that uses mavlink router that automatically saves your dataflash logs to the CC. i'm going to try both of these, seems the best way to go
@meee1 I love the new Plan page feature with the "+" sign in the middle of each segment ; it really helps me edit my missions (which are for a lawn mower rover). Wanted to call this issue to your attention, any chance you could address it? ArduPilot/MissionPlanner#2363 Thank you!
download AR 3.4.2 AC3.5.7 firmware .hex
help me ,thank you!!
or Who can give me an APJ file of this version,thank you !!!
David Sastre
Hello, I have a question, I would be very grateful if somebody can help me with it. I have a scenario when I need to have 2 different TCP connections into mission planner. Both TCP connections will send information from the same vehicles, only one of them will be high latency and the other regular messages. Is this topology all right with mission planner?
I usually work with QGroundControl and in QGroundControl this is possible and the GCS doesn't mind from which active link the messages are comming. The user may connect to several links and the GCS keeps jumping between them
Michael Oborne
@Davidsastresas you can feed in 2 streams. but MP will treat them as separate vehicles. right click the main bar, and pick connection options to add additional links.. (as many as you want)
David Sastre
@meee1 thank you very much!!!
Henry Wurzburg
@meee1 Michael, ran into an issue as I was documenting signing with seems MP cant connect to an autopilot with signing enabled prior to connect....QGC can (without the ability to send command of course)....unless I am doing something wrong...tried to set USE for the key prior to connect....I would have thought it would connect like QGC and just not get commands answered unless the keys USE button got pushed after connection...
Hello, I got a problem about uploading waypoints, It is slow recently,I suspect that rctm injection might block the waypoint uploading, but I am not sure, who can tell me the strategy of rctm data transmission when doing waypoints uploading or other large data transmission things? Will MP slow the rctm rate to guarantee the communication unblocked? Appreciate you help! ^_^
it's missing the selection list
is it a bug ?
Vishal Bhat
Can I interface with Mission planner with NS3? Please let me know how i can do ?
I have errors in compiling MP version 1.3.72. What should I do?
I've updated to the newest mission planner and now it is attempting to do some sort of "MAVFTP" thing when connecting to SITL which is causing a stack overflow. How do I disable this MAVFTP feature?
Michael Oborne
@RhinoAus please provide where this is happening, as I'm not seeing it
@whiani just unload the wasm project. It's not required
@VishalB45152421_twitter no idea what ns3 is
@dammstanger you can't slow the rtcm rate else rtk will fail. Sounds like you need to adjust the radio data rates
Hello, I have a question, when trying to video stream, MP shows a white screen instead of video and closes. Before the upgrade MP worked Stream show, but with a very long delay. Stream RTSP. In QGC stream works with minimal delay. How to make a RTSP stream in MP with a minimum delay? Thank.
Thomas Wark
@whiani are you still getting compile errors? i just pulled the latest and now it appears i am as well
@dammstanger in case it helps, RTCM is only 1-1.5 kBytes/sec.

Having an issue with my logging if anyone could help. In the last 2 weeks something has changed and my Cube now logs all missions, whilst the drone remains powered, in one large .bin file despite me having LOG_DISARMED disabled and LOG_FILE_DSRMROT enabled. Below you can see my logging params. I also tried erasing and reformatting my SD card and it made no difference.

Are there other parameters I should be investigating?


picture is hard to see but you can clearly make out it it has multiple arms attached is the log
Michael Oborne
@paulzpz need more info on how you are streaming etc
Henry Wurzburg
@FergalLonergan I added a report for this in discuss for you
hello everyone, is this the right room to ask why i can updrade my firmware due to a new drowpdown selection i have never ssen before... is this something down to the new realease of 1.3.72 or ardurover 4?
im presented witha box that says 'more than one choice exists, please filter down to the desired selection'

Questions for Arducopter Devs.

Pixhawk 2 cube black, FW: 4.0.3

RFD900P – FW: Sik 1.13

Mission planner: 1.3.70 and 1.3.72

I’ve sent a Polygon & Alt Geofence to the Pixhawk 2 through Mission planner and confirmed it is uploaded, displayed in the Plan window and that its functional by walking the vehicle through one of it’s bounds. After I power cycle the vehicle, sometimes the geofence does not show up on the Plan or Data tabs. Reading the WPs does not correct it. When I connect to the cube over USB it is generally more reliable at pulling the fence waypoints, when I use RFD900 telemetry modems its very unreliable and loads the fence 2/10 attempts. Usually requires a power cycle to complete. I’ve tried the two versions of mission planner above.

Is this a known issues in Arducopter or Mission Planner for displaying fence waypoints?

Randy Mackay
Hi there, more and more discussion is moving to discord so you are all invited to join us over there!
Hi , i need help with mission planner
When i write my mission it's popup unexpected error. Any help please??