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Michael Oborne
@dammstanger you can't slow the rtcm rate else rtk will fail. Sounds like you need to adjust the radio data rates
Hello, I have a question, when trying to video stream, MP shows a white screen instead of video and closes. Before the upgrade MP worked Stream show, but with a very long delay. Stream RTSP. In QGC stream works with minimal delay. How to make a RTSP stream in MP with a minimum delay? Thank.
Thomas Wark
@whiani are you still getting compile errors? i just pulled the latest and now it appears i am as well
@dammstanger in case it helps, RTCM is only 1-1.5 kBytes/sec.

Having an issue with my logging if anyone could help. In the last 2 weeks something has changed and my Cube now logs all missions, whilst the drone remains powered, in one large .bin file despite me having LOG_DISARMED disabled and LOG_FILE_DSRMROT enabled. Below you can see my logging params. I also tried erasing and reformatting my SD card and it made no difference.

Are there other parameters I should be investigating?


picture is hard to see but you can clearly make out it it has multiple arms attached is the log
Michael Oborne
@paulzpz need more info on how you are streaming etc
Henry Wurzburg
@FergalLonergan I added a report for this in discuss for you
hello everyone, is this the right room to ask why i can updrade my firmware due to a new drowpdown selection i have never ssen before... is this something down to the new realease of 1.3.72 or ardurover 4?
im presented witha box that says 'more than one choice exists, please filter down to the desired selection'

Questions for Arducopter Devs.

Pixhawk 2 cube black, FW: 4.0.3

RFD900P – FW: Sik 1.13

Mission planner: 1.3.70 and 1.3.72

I’ve sent a Polygon & Alt Geofence to the Pixhawk 2 through Mission planner and confirmed it is uploaded, displayed in the Plan window and that its functional by walking the vehicle through one of it’s bounds. After I power cycle the vehicle, sometimes the geofence does not show up on the Plan or Data tabs. Reading the WPs does not correct it. When I connect to the cube over USB it is generally more reliable at pulling the fence waypoints, when I use RFD900 telemetry modems its very unreliable and loads the fence 2/10 attempts. Usually requires a power cycle to complete. I’ve tried the two versions of mission planner above.

Is this a known issues in Arducopter or Mission Planner for displaying fence waypoints?

Randy Mackay
Hi there, more and more discussion is moving to discord so you are all invited to join us over there! https://ardupilot.org/discord
Hi , i need help with mission planner
When i write my mission it's popup unexpected error. Any help please??
Hi Anyone done a download and rebuild of latest 1.3.74 Solution? I tried to merge current master into a Custom Fork I have, ran into rebuild issue. But even if download current ZIP & build solution, getting 000's errors.
hmmm Where has the CTRL-F RTK GPS Injection gone?
Using VS2019 16.7.5 And getting errors trying to open any Form in Design View, anyone using v15 still and its working?
Do you know the reason of missiong completer param selection?
Fixed the Design View issue by upgrading Skai.Sharp to latest version, UI Designer now works, But if I add a New Button, or even change text, build and run, (no errors, designer view above) I dont see the changes when run the new build... very strange... Custom Button not there and none of the text has the test text in it.
Imet a issue in tuning the hexa drone,from this picture it seems that the P is small ?
Anyone having any luck building with the latest repo and latest VS2019? Im having issues with editing any of the Forms UI, just errors and doesnt show UI in designer
Can anyone offer some suggestions on this issue, been on it for days now... Thanks ArduPilot/MissionPlanner#2490
Why does the mission planner set SRX_ parameter automatically every time it is connected to flight control, how to make it not set automatically
Hi,everyone.How does this equation come from?
Is tthe radius_calc_denom the sin(turn_angle_rad)?
I can't see this equation. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
Got a ublox F9 GPS and seems the latest build does not setup the RTK GPS Survey In via config page . The RTK survey just uses the config settings saved in the module.?
Anyone else seen this?
Hello everyone, regenerate.bat not working for me to generate mavlink c# libraries I posted this issue [#2514] (https://github.com/ArduPilot/MissionPlanner/issues/2514#issue-comment-boxthis) detailing the problem
Hi @meee1 do you have a solution for #2514
Hello, Mr. Michael Oborne. I used the code of his mission planes but when building with visualstudio there was an error that the folder could not be opened in visualstudio "test (unloader)"
Tomoshi Wagata

Hello, I start simulator, but its occurred a error.

Windows 10 Home
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0


Something is wrong

Tomoshi Wagata
I saw discord #simulation , And I checked again. I can run Mission Planner SITL now. Thanks.
I'm running a script from the PyMavlink examples, to get all the parameters from the board, and it works fine except it stops at STAT_RUNTIME and keeps trying to get it over and over
Why would that happen, and how can I stop it?
Hi, I am trying to compile mission planner using vs2019. I got some errors. First is BaseClassesNet.dll not found. Where can I get this dll? I couldn't find in installed mission planner software folder as well, I only found BaseClasses.dll.

Okay @meee1 I'll see if I can give that a whirl. Thanks for keeping on top of the replies. Frustrating VS can be from time to time!

Hi @stryngs did you manage to solve this empty designer form? I am now having the same issue as well.

Mohammad Khazaei
Has anyone ever worked on identifying an obstacle?