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This should be fixed before release
Does anyone even know who to talk to regarding this issue
Well the latest update fixed the problem. Thanks all
Seth Jones
I am currently working on a pixhawk4 for a rover that we are using. We are implementing an emergency stop button, and wanted to have that emergency stop as telemetry data in our GCS (mission planner). There is an auxiliary function that I am trying to utilize, "Motor Emergency Stop". It is showing up on the ArduRover Wiki as an option with a value of 31. In mission planner; however, this option is not showing up. This is with ArduRover 3.5.1, which I believe to be the latest firmware available to the public for Rover. I switched to the latest ArduCopter firmware and the option was there. I was wondering if this option is just not included in ArduRover 3.5.1, or if I am missing something. Thanks!
Tiziano Fiorenzani
@meee1 is there any guide for Mission Planner startup arguments?
Michael Oborne
@tizianofiorenzani there is no list, but the code does show it here
@meee1 san.. I use an older revision of the mission planner. When I tried to test an automatic flight plan, I downloaded the latest revision. . I want to simulate on an older revision. I want to know how.
Which MAVlink message to get the current flight mode?
Hey, have you ever encountered a situation where the ground station is locked when the plane is in the air and the plane is directly locked?
Hi all,
i have a question, i would like to stream a video from my jetson nano to MP using gstreamer and openCV.
as the Nano doesnt have wifi, i use a usb dongle to create an AP, can i still stream my video device to my host PC ( with MP) using gstreamer and OPENCV.
if yes, can my nano stream to the host IP adress ?
should i connect to my AP with the host PC ?
Thank you
Ronald Pandolfi
Hi Jim ... You certainly can stream video from the Jetson Nano to Mission Planner using a USB WiFi device. There are a variety of ways to do this with Gstreamer such as those described on DIYDrones ... I prefer to set up a Router as AP and connect my GCS and aircraft via the Router .. You will get better range and video quality.
@rspandolfi_gitlab Thank you. i am gonna have a look on this.
I am sending DISTANCESENSOR value from the vehicle using dronekit but in mission planner, in the proximity windows, i have 2 vehicle listed (vehicle 1 and vehicle 255).
Does someone know why it might happen?
i have the one which is the real vehicle and showing the real distance and another which display always the same distance
I have check, the PRXTYPE is correctly set to 2 to accept mavlink message and in my dronekit code, i only connect to 1 vehicle through USB.
Jaime Machuca
You need to set the system ID in dronekit on the connection stream to the same ID as your MAV
can you be more clear? i am not sure to get
bc the dronekit API documentation said no need to set targetID as the API will set it automtically fter connected
set up firmware
Ronald Pandolfi
Hi Jim .. it sounds like you may be new to DroneKit .. As such, it may be helpful to follow a tutorial that works .. in doing so you will learn most of the little tricks that the rest of us take for granted .. This link will bring you to a KwF tutorial: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kM8ceSVlu7Is-z5b2-UZK-Ypa85QrPc9n7w4R_XXbQk/edit?usp=sharing
I'm working with a ArduPlane simulation on Mission Planner, but I can't adjust the heading past 100 degrees. I see where in the parameters to dictate the heading. Is there a way to start a simulation with a specified set of parameters?
I have not personally used this software yet, but our university has asked my team to make a contribution to this project as our senior project. Specifically, they asked us to make a 3D rendered environment for mission planning with a VR interface. Has anything like this been attempted in the past?
Can you confirm that build guide of MissionPlanner works on Visual Studio Community 2019 ?
I cannot find VS 2017 for download. And on VS 2019, I cannot find .NetStandard2.0 ..
@meee1 Many messages says that it uses Blabla from .NetFramework4.6.1 instead of .NetSandard2.0 .. Should it work?
cyber security
i received realtime byte stream and analysis by mavlink but how can i put the output into a buffer?

I've built a MissionPlannerLite version. That has most of commonly used options and stripped secondary/slow/buggy/information collecting ones.
Developers can do a simple diff and see what is modified.

I'm going to push the modified branch source code, with binary build ready for use.
The main advantages I could notice in my Lite version is that:
1- Very fast startup
2- Longer work time without getting slower and sluggish
3- Works much better under Linux either using wine or mono
4- Lower memory usage
5- The binary is built for x64 target CPUs

Any one interested in testing?

Here is ready-made Lite build and source code for testing/investigation
Hi there. It's been about a year since I last customized Mission Planner. When I previously used older versions from github, I could modify the splash. Now it looks like an empty form...
Is there an option I need to pick to bring the image up?
Same with MainV2, etc... All blanks
Any help at all would be most appreciative =)

I tried following along here:

<Compile Include="Splash.cs">
<Compile Include="Splash.Designer.cs">

^^ Seems like it's good to go, but still the form is blank.

So the issue was that I went with the most recent commit to MP @meee1
Reverting to your 1.3.68 release solved the trick. Not sure why aside from seeing them "split" as in other searches from google.
So just something to look at in the current github repo. In your release it isn't like this
^^ Your current 1.3.68 release

I could rebuild MissionPlanner on Linux using mono-project's stable release. It works faster on Windows too.
I've published my changes and ready-made built for testing.


Your feedback is welcome.

Screenshot from 2019-09-16 21-00-06.png
I was correctly displaying characters in Wine until Mission Planner 1.3.64.
However, characters can no longer be displayed since 1.3.65.
This phenomenon also occurs in Mission Planner Lite V0.2.
I am using ubuntu 18.04.
Screenshot from 2019-09-16 21-09-36.png
This is an image of Mission Planner 1.3.64 Windows version original running on Wine.
The QUICK tag screen is clearly different.
Henry Wurzburg
@meee1 Motor test page does not work on Rover, Frame Class Boat on master...is this a known issue?
Henry Wurzburg
its fixed in beta MP
Hey guys I'm planning to make a modified version of Mission Planner and need some guide on how to do a few things....
So umm like could I get some help?