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Is tthe radius_calc_denom the sin(turn_angle_rad)?
I can't see this equation. Can anyone help me? Thank you.
Got a ublox F9 GPS and seems the latest build does not setup the RTK GPS Survey In via config page . The RTK survey just uses the config settings saved in the module.?
Anyone else seen this?
Hello everyone, regenerate.bat not working for me to generate mavlink c# libraries I posted this issue [#2514] (https://github.com/ArduPilot/MissionPlanner/issues/2514#issue-comment-boxthis) detailing the problem
Hi @meee1 do you have a solution for #2514
Hello, Mr. Michael Oborne. I used the code of his mission planes but when building with visualstudio there was an error that the folder could not be opened in visualstudio "test (unloader)"
Tomoshi Wagata

Hello, I start simulator, but its occurred a error.

Windows 10 Home
Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0


Something is wrong

Tomoshi Wagata
I saw discord #simulation , And I checked again. I can run Mission Planner SITL now. Thanks.
I'm running a script from the PyMavlink examples, to get all the parameters from the board, and it works fine except it stops at STAT_RUNTIME and keeps trying to get it over and over
Why would that happen, and how can I stop it?
Hi, I am trying to compile mission planner using vs2019. I got some errors. First is BaseClassesNet.dll not found. Where can I get this dll? I couldn't find in installed mission planner software folder as well, I only found BaseClasses.dll.

Okay @meee1 I'll see if I can give that a whirl. Thanks for keeping on top of the replies. Frustrating VS can be from time to time!

Hi @stryngs did you manage to solve this empty designer form? I am now having the same issue as well.

MohammadAmin Khazaei
Has anyone ever worked on identifying an obstacle?
2 replies
@nkikin When I've had issue with the form designer in VS2019 with MP it's always been the version. I think the 'main dev team' use the absolute latest version and even preview versions. So try updating to latest version you can get hands on.
i was trying to use SITL in mission planner but i get the aboveerror
i have search on the internet for a solution but i dont seem to get many similar cases with mine
i am trying to simulate a quadplane using mission planner
Hi, i want to modify mission planner interface, i will split screen interface into 2 screens monitor, is it possible to do?
Jaime Machuca
You can already do that with the current version. You can detach each part into its own window
thanks @jmachuca77
Hi, i cloned ardupilot repo and it happen, what should i do?

Has anyone thought about creating an image "For Dummies" that we can script out as it were and make things happen automatically to get everyone the same image up and running?

For example, the current release. For someone wanting to learn Mission Planner who is say 12 years old and working on a science fair project; they'll miss out perhaps.

.... snore ...
Jaime Machuca
These forums are no longer monitored, please use the discord channels
Thank you @jmachuca77
hi ,can anyone help me about build mp android?
Hi there! I'm having problems connecting my SiK radio to mission planner? I've tried everything. Downloading drivers, setting the correct baud rate and com port, replacing the antennas, installing older versions of Mission Planner (im on the newest version right now aka 1.3.75) but I still can't get it to work? Everytime I hit the load settings button it says connecting on the bottom left and my ground module starts blinking red and green lights but ultimately it says that it failed to enter commandmode. Does anyone here know the solution to the problem?
Hi guys, I am running MP 1.3.77 in Ubuntu 22.04LTS via mono and was successfully getting HD video stream from WFB_svpcom (https://github.com/svpcom/wifibroadcast)
But since few days back I exactly do not remember what wrong was done by me, I am getting error message in MP and not able to get the video stream in the HUD however video is coming in QGC on same machine.
The file was not found at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstreamer-1.0.so.0
Please verify permissions System.DllNotFoundException: libgstreamer android.so assembly:<unknown assembly> type:<unknown type> member:(nul)
at (wrapper managed-to-native) MissionPlanner.Utilities.Gstreamer+NativeMethods.gst_init(int,straight[])
at MissionPlanner.Utilities.GStreamer.ThreadStart (System.Object datao) [0x00018] in <4db1974206d64c53b8e7a5dbe3a39ca0>:0
Screenshot from 2022-06-24 19-14-04.png
Screenshot from 2022-06-24 18-52-27.png

However libgstreamer-1.0.so.0 file is available in the folder /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

But I cant understand why the error message;

The file was not found at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstreamer-1.0.so.0

Thanks in advance for any support !
I believe the Discord channel is the only official monitored chat channel. These are deprecated
are you a human or a machine ?
Debatable, perhaps, but simply relaying a message that you will likely be best served by using their currently supported chat channel on Discord
thanks, link please
Always good to check the docs first 😊
The Discourse Community forums might also be a good channel. Quite active, and more visible than chat app
guys can you guide me on how to change the hud display ui