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Repo info
Shivan Ramdhanie
@rmackay9 Ah that's good to hear. I'll give it a look, many thanks :D I drop by the discord channel
Hi, Im a beginner programmer...……...I like to work on flight controller...…….for that ------I need gyroscope senser ----get its data ----- modify motors fan speed --- and collect drone reaction...……..this all I want to do virtually ..on simulation environment ……….is it possible with ardupiolet ?
Hi everyone, I want to build a traditional copter with ardupilot, I am using raspberry pi but without navio2, I study navio2 pinout and I think i need to change some code to PWM outputs, other connections seem to okay. any advice or anyone who tried a similar approach?
@RishiNiranjan You can emulate Ardupilot using SITL, you should start here:
You can also use mission planner to analyse and download logs, refer here:
When you run your missions or when you emulate the drone, a log file will be placed in the folder of the vehicle you are using, for example, for Copter the logs should be placed under: /ardupilot/ArduCopter/logs/ 00000001.BIN, you will need to extract these logs or analyse them using Mission Planner. I recommend the latter, unless you need to process the data yourself for some reason.
Caleb Martin
@Nitish1206 ardupilot is a flight controller
Randy Mackay
Hi there, more and more discussion is moving to discord so you are all invited to join us over there!
Ravitej Reddy
What are the uses of ppm and pwd encoders? Can we make quadcopter without those encoders ?
Valentin Danev
hi all,
i am using a matek f405 for my tarot fy690s and it works like a dream. I want to mount TL3T05 gimbal but I need an sbus out.
Is there any way to get a sbus out on this FC?
pls i need some help

Sorry if this has already come up and been solved. While I am trying to install and build Ardupilot. I get to the stage where I have to use the git submodule update command with the two tags on the end. But when I try to do this it gives me an error.

AE2@AE2-PROD:~/ardupilot$ git submodule update --init --recursive
Cloning into ‘/home/odroid/ardupilot/modules/ChibiOS’…
fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=No route to host[1: 2001:8002:e21:f002::f5ff]: errno=Network is unreachable

fatal: clone of ‘git://’ into submodule path ‘/home/odroid/ardupilot/modules/ChibiOS’ failed
Failed to clone ‘modules/ChibiOS’. Retry scheduled

Thank you in advance. This error happens for all of the modules. But I have searched for a solution for an hour the last couple of days and have not been able to find anything unless I have just missed it. But thanks.

Sounds like a firewall issue, I have ran into this problem before when I was on a secured network. Either try and resolve that issue or if u wanna hack it up, go into the .gitmodules specifically and change the git:// -> ..... As you can see manually replacing the "git" portion to "https" ... Once thats complete ull have to do a gitmodule sync as well as a gitsubmodule update init recursive (Might have to google those commands specifically but along those lines)
Its possible ull see further failures into the submodules but just reapply that same principle and ull be able to re-sync and reupdate...
Shivan Ramdhanie

Hey All,

Are there any recommended starting points for trying to integrate an external i2c sensor? I have looked at some of the implementations but when I try to read_registers(uint8_t first_reg, uint8_t *recv, uint32_t recv_len) the console keeps spitting out 'I2C: not owner of 0x4B01 for addr 0x4B'. I use the following line to get the i2c manager in a simple test_script:
hal.i2c_mgr->get_device(0, POZYX_I2C_ADDRESS).
Also POZYX_I2C_ADDRESS is defined as 0x4B in a separate file.

NB: I've also tried bus 1 to indicate the external bus but I get the same result.

Hi All,
I've got a multistage dockerfile, that has dev/build/run stages. Only small changes on existing, and works as per current documentation. I have kept the features small in the hope to make the contribution acceptable. I have branches with jsmsim support and plan on just adding features over time. Would you be interested ? I'm just finish off now. And have bret fisher ready to give me a code review before i submit
Pierre Kancir
interesting ! some part could indeed be merged !
Hi @khancyr , thanks for you interest. It's very minor change initially, but i do want to add a full feature set. ( I have a "real" docker expert ready to give code review when im happy with it. I'm sorry to say im having X11 issues starting up the, im sure im doing somthing stupid. But once i figure that out ill be ready for Bret Fisher to check it out. Short of that even though multistage builds require env var to enable features. IT does work running current documented procedure. Oh and i just need to fix up the volume mounts, im pulling src from github not local dir, but that easy. thanks again for you interest more than happy to make any and all changes :)
Pierre Kancir
The things is that the current docker image we provide is just to do isolated build like vagrant do... we don't have fully optimized image for docker (in fact, I have some but not push into ArduPilot repo). You shouldn't have X11 issue with as it doesn't have a gui ... that a mavproxy issue, you just have to set ENV DISPLAY :1 for exemple to have the gui using the host X11
i try DISPLAY=:1 unix$DISPLAY, i can get it going with x11docker. I think i might have host issue. May i see you dockerfiles. I'm not fully into the codebase but i do understand that there is some sweet cicd on the current backend. Im not trying to re-invent wheel just create simple cicd for me to get ardupilot firmware images in repeatable way.
Is the build isolated if the source is a mounted host volume ?
Hi, im using px4 and 433mhz telemetry but telemetry connection could not be established, have you ever experienced such problem
hello, my approach might seem strange but I can’t find any other solutions to my problem. I acquired a "pitot" equipped with the MS4525D sensor that can be connected to the I2C port of my APM2.8.
I’d like to plug this sensor into an arduino.. Would it be possible to have the source of the app that manages this sensor, in order to be able to transcribe in an Arduino sketch?... Thank you for your help
Allen Xin
Hello,what's the reference of _pos_target and cur_position
Luis Vale Gonçalves
Hi there, more and more discussion is moving to discord so you are all invited to join us over there!
Has anyone got anti-collision lights hooked up with the adsb signals ?
acxz Luis Vale Gonçalves (Gitter): why not something open source in the spirit of Ardupilot like
acxz The most popular frontend to it is
acxz I feel like its quite hypocritical to move over to a closed source service that is known to not consider privacy at all as a GPL licensed product.
I have to mention that Discord is using up 50% of my CPU
quite weird for a text messaging client
nvm the CLI version is more resource friendly

acxz If you want to accomadate discord users we can add a Discord bridge:

This would allow people on Discord to see messages on Matrix and vice versa. RIght now Gitter and Matrix is already linked. (Talking over matrix rn (maybe can tell w/ my username?)

Hi, I am using a BeagleBone Blue as my autopilot, with APD ESCs. I first set the motor output type as PWM, but couldnt calibrate the ESCs by following the standard documentation. After seeing that the APD ESCs use DShot, I set the motor_PWM_type to DShot300 in QGC, but the ESCs still aren't working. Is there anything I'm missing? I'm using the BeagleBone's main servo output pins. The Ardupilot DShot documentation said to use the Aux out ports on a Pixhawk, but I dont see anywhere how that translates to the BeagleBone. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Vinicius Juvinski
On beaglebone, for now, you can’t use dshot esc, just regular one I’m working with pru trying to implement dshot but there is no foreseen.
I'd like to send setup_singing from pymavlink to ArduPilot, but I keep getting 'int' object is not subscriptable, when I try using setup_signing_send. Any advice?
Alejandro Barberia
Hi, I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 as a companion computer for precision landing connected over UART with mavutil, and using SITL and ArduCopter. Whenever I try to change modes from STABILIZE to GUIDED or any other, it says "No mode mapping available. However, if I unplug the USB, or delete the argument to '' of '-A "--uartD=uart:/dev/ttyUSB0"', I can switch between modes without issue. Does anybody know what causes this issue?
I need to customize plane behavior when GPS signal is lost. I don't know where to start solving this question
Alex Burka
Hello! I am trying to build firmware for a Pixhawk 4 Mini and I keep getting the following error while running ./waf copter. I already ran Tools/environment_install/ How can I debug further?
[ 17/684] Compiling libraries/AC_Autorotation/AC_Autorotation.cpp
g++: warning: '-mcpu=' is deprecated; use '-mtune=' or '-march=' instead
g++: error: nano.specs: No such file or directory
I'm assuming the problem is that it decided to run /usr/bin/g++ instead of opt/gcc-arm-none-eabi-6-2017-q2-update/bin/arm-none-eabi-g++. But I don't know how to cut through waf's magic to change that
Photo-triggering fails during autonomous missions
on Qground Control
We want the drone to move in real time with the GPS coordinates that the drone received from the server.
For example, after the drone takes off, the drone must automatically receive GPS coordinates from the server and move onto the received GPS coordinates.
The process mentioned above has to be repeated over and over. What function should I fix??
Hello, can i use my dji hd fpv on pixhawk 2.4.8 ?
What is error that "EKF2 still initialising "?
No arming :(
Michael Day
I don't understand something. Why are there different versions of mavlink in this repo:
and this repo
mavlink has version 1, and pymavlink has 0.9, 1.0, and 2.0 BUT there are only files in