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Austin Bingham
I've done a small amount of work on a mavproxy module that disconnects connections when certain conditions arise. The rough idea is that a) there's a program running on e.g. a companion computer issuing mavlink messages and b) if the module detects that we should stop listening to that connection (e.g. because the autopilot has decided to RTL), the connection is dropped. Is this kind of "breaker" behavior already (or better) implemented in some other way?
Jane Cleland Huang

Has anyone seen a problem with the simple_goto.py where it keeps showing "CRITICAL STATUS"? The copter than fails to takeoff. I ran this numerous times before with never any problems.
Starting copter simulator (SITL)
SITL already Downloaded and Extracted.
Ready to boot.
Connecting to vehicle on: tcp:
CRITICAL:autopilot:APM:Copter V3.3 (d6053245)
CRITICAL:autopilot:Frame: QUAD
CRITICAL:autopilot:Calibrating barometer
CRITICAL:autopilot:Initialising APM...
CRITICAL:autopilot:barometer calibration complete
Basic pre-arm checks
Waiting for vehicle to initialise...
Waiting for vehicle to initialise...
Waiting for vehicle to initialise...
Waiting for vehicle to initialise...
Waiting for vehicle to initialise...
Arming motors
Waiting for arming...
Waiting for arming...
Waiting for arming...
Waiting for arming...


Can i ask you guys something about altitude? How to measure altitude in ardupilot? I know ardupilot that can choose baro, gps or lidar for measuring altitude. But i just want to know detail about how to measure MSL in ardupilot. Thanks for reading :)
Hello all mostly @tridge , I have noticed an issue with common yaw heading feature. This is on Copter 4.0.4rc4, after configuring all the parameters and changing finally EK3_MAG_CAL from 3 to 5, MissionPlanner reports Bad Compass Health which is persistent even after reboots, it does not prevent arming. I am not sure if this can be replicated and is worth raising as an issue.
Sripad Sahu
Hello! is it a good practice to call/write vehicle specific functions/code in common library. I want to implement a RTL command for Plane on specific condition in common libraries. So is it advisable to call (plane.set_mode(plane.mode_rtl,MODE_REASON_FENCE_BREACH) from libraries. I have added one more module in libraries.
peterxy Hello... Is there any way that you could modify the programming for battery percentage detection? Now its w.r.t current consumptions but if it can be done w.r.t Voltage like qgroundcontrol is doing it will be good coz one cannot depends on current capacity consumptions alone as it indicates 💯 capacity of a used battery if it's plug out and back in.
peterxy Also the battery capacity will degrade over time...thus it will not indicate the true capacity...
Giorgio Rinolfi
From yesterday our platform ArduBee, build on top of ArduCopter, is now live on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/luminousbees/ardubee/ if you like it please share it, your support is fundamental and highly appreciated, thanks!
Hello, i have a question.... Like the command'sim_vehicle.py -f gazebo -iris --console --map'
I am wondering if it is possible to integrate with gazebo using autotest.py.
Hello all, I have a question regarding an error on sim_vehicle.py for ArduCopter. -> task in 'objs/GCS_MAVLink' failed (exit status 1):
{task 140311847803552: cxx GCS_Param.cpp -> GCS_Param.cpp.0.o}. I'm not sure how to fix this, could anyone offer
a solution
Hi everyone,
I am looking to build a FixedWing mapping plane and seek advice regarding which manufacturer to choose for the airframe
Any suggestions? Would like to fit a Sony A7R and it would be great if it could fly for 90 minutes minimum
$ ../Tools/autotest/sim_vehicle.py --map --console
SIM_VEHICLE: Killing tasks
SIM_VEHICLE: kill_tasks failed: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str'
SIM_VEHICLE: Starting up at SITL location
SIM_VEHICLE: Configure waf
SIM_VEHICLE: "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waf-light" "configure" "--board" "sitl"
Setting top to : /home/asus/ardupilot
Setting out to : /home/asus/ardupilot/build
Autoconfiguration : enabled
Setting board to : sitl
Using toolchain : native
Checking for 'g++' (C++ compiler) : /usr/bin/g++
Checking for 'gcc' (C compiler) : /usr/bin/gcc
Checking for c flags '-MMD' : yes
Checking for cxx flags '-MMD' : yes
Checking for need to link with librt : not necessary
Checking for feenableexcept : no
Checking for HAVE_CMATH_ISFINITE : yes
Checking for HAVE_CMATH_ISINF : yes
Checking for HAVE_CMATH_ISNAN : yes
Checking for header endian.h : yes
Checking for header byteswap.h : yes
Checking for HAVE_MEMRCHR : no
Checking for program 'python' : /usr/bin/python
Checking for python version >= 2.7.0 : 3.6.10
Checking for program 'python' : /usr/bin/python
Checking for python version >= 2.7.0 : 3.6.10
Source is git repository : yes
Update submodules : yes
Checking for program 'git' : /usr/bin/git
Checking for program 'size' : /usr/bin/size
Benchmarks : disabled
Unit tests : enabled
Scripting : enabled
Scripting runtime checks : enabled
Checking for program 'rsync' : /usr/bin/rsync
'configure' finished successfully (5.548s)
SIM_VEHICLE: "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waf-light" "build" "--target" "bin/arducopter"
Waf: Entering directory `/home/asus/ardupilot/build/sitl'
b'Embedding file sandbox.lua:libraries/AP_Scripting/scripts/sandbox.lua'
b'Embedding file sandbox.lua:libraries/AP_Scripting/scripts/sandbox.lua'
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waflib/Scripting.py", line 158, in waf_entry_point
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waflib/Scripting.py", line 251, in run_commands
ctx = run_command(cmd_name)
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waflib/Scripting.py", line 235, in run_command
File "Tools/ardupilotwaf/ardupilotwaf.py", line 168, in execute
return execute_method(self)
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waflib/Scripting.py", line 573, in execute
return execute_method(self)
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waflib/Build.py", line 231, in execute
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waflib/Build.py", line 244, in execute_build
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waflib/Context.py", line 286, in recurse
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/wscript", line 542, in build
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/wscript", line 489, in _build_recursion
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/modules/waf/waflib/Context.py", line 286, in recurse
File "/home/asus/ardupilot/ardupilot/wscript", line 540, in build
if bld.get_board().with_can:
AttributeError: 'sitl' object has no attribute 'with_can'
SIM_VEHICLE: Build failed
SIM_VEHICLE: Killing tasks
SIM_VEHICLE: kill_tasks failed: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str'
hi everyone do anyone know how to solve it
Hello everybody! Here is my scenario. I'm running sim_vehicle to simulate a copter run. I see that the horizontal speed is around 5 m/s. Using the param set command I managed to increase the speed up 15 m/s (WPNAV_SPEED). But I need the vehicle to fly faster, around 30 m/s. Attempts to set values more than 15 m/s actually do not help. 15 m/s seems to be a limit. How can I speed it up? Use another model? Tune the model?
Why a copter cannot move faster than 15 m/s ?
Vinicius Juvinski
Can, have you checked the parameters about speed?
Kadir Doğan
Hi. Is there anyone using CUAV X7 Pro? I'm looking for some test data about this product. If there is, can you share it with me? Also, I'm wondering about your opinions about that device. Thanks.
Bas Schouten
If anyone here has experience with the RunCam.. I can't seem to get mine to respond to anything but the basic info request, it replies, says it supports a bunch of features, but I can't seem to get a reply on any other command. Nor do they work.

The OpenDroneMap Community, lead by me in this instance, is looking for people to help contribute to a quadratik funding drive to get OpenDroneMap rebased on 18.04/20.04, snap packages made, and WSL 1/2 images made, in addition to updating/fixing build documentation and tooling, and pushing needed fixes to upstream projects.

If you use/like OpenDroneMap and you'd appreciate the many benefits this project will bring, please consider helping us out.


Thanks so much!

Bas Schouten
@arrcher Perhaps you're hitting maximum angles at that speed?
SmartRTL deactivated: buffer full
IMU0 IMU1 switch rapidly
I'd like to know what the timeout was when the mission was uploaded
Hi there i am new here want some guidance related to Ducted Fan UAV , coaxial configuration
Jacob Dahl
Hi guys. I want to update firmware on a Cube Black from a RPi, is this only possible through UART2? (I believe that's telem1 right?). Also, do I have to reset the MCU in order to catch the bootloader? Is there a way I can trigger a reset in software to just jump back to the start address of the bootloader?
Jacob Dahl
I also have another question about uploading firmware over serial. Is there a python script similar to the PX4 px_uploader.py? I tried the px_uploader and it seems to only work with PX4 images.
Jacob Dahl
I figured it out :thumbsup:
Houda benbrahim
Hello guys, I am new with you here
I want to join the open source project
Vinicius Juvinski
I will try on monday :)
@josephyuzb have you calibrate your accel ?
MX Why on RTL command return home in backward not forward.. I couldn't find proper settings..
@matrixbot - I think you're looking for WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR
Hello Guys I am new here
I am trying to work on the issue #15461 Emit log message and statustext when an InternalError occurs. Can anyone guide me on this . :)
Does anyone have any experience with real-time geotagging images from a companion computer?
@adezie yes I made it before that mission.
@Schouten_B_twitter yes ,it seems that,but swithing imu will cause crashing ,I ve try it before.
I found a huge consumption of power if tuned badly,which will shorten the flying time in the air .
Sripad Sahu
Can anyone help me figute out how to get vehicle direction in AruduPlane code.? I am tryong to create message packet for opendrone ID using the standard specification provided by ASTM. which requires to get the direction of vehicle.
Leo Ran
@arrcher I ve test more than 20m/s