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    Rover: Fix application of MOT_S… Tools: rover: add test for slew… (compare)

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    rmackay9 on Copter-4.0

    AP_NavEKF2: fix vertical flyawa… AP_NavEKF3: fix vertical flyawa… AC_PrecLand: correct @User fiel… and 9 more (compare)

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    Vagrantfile: add definition for… Tools: update instrall-prereqs-… Tools: create a heading functio… (compare)

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@josephyuzb have you calibrate your accel ?
MX Why on RTL command return home in backward not forward.. I couldn't find proper settings..
@matrixbot - I think you're looking for WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR
Hello Guys I am new here
I am trying to work on the issue #15461 Emit log message and statustext when an InternalError occurs. Can anyone guide me on this . :)
Does anyone have any experience with real-time geotagging images from a companion computer?
@adezie yes I made it before that mission.
@Schouten_B_twitter yes ,it seems that,but swithing imu will cause crashing ,I ve try it before.
I found a huge consumption of power if tuned badly,which will shorten the flying time in the air .
Sripad Sahu
Can anyone help me figute out how to get vehicle direction in AruduPlane code.? I am tryong to create message packet for opendrone ID using the standard specification provided by ASTM. which requires to get the direction of vehicle.
Leo Ran
@arrcher I ve test more than 20m/s
NS Rana
Request to review the modified install-prereqs-ubuntu.sh
The modification is only in one line;
Hi everyone I am new here.
I try to figure out how to see other aircraft adsb data from my aircraft. We try to test our collision avoidance algorithm, so we use a quadcopter with the ADS-B as other aircraft. Our aircraft should avoid the quadcopter when it's too close. However, when I try to print out the GPS data for the quadcopter, it's way off like on the other side of the earth. So I wonder how can I receive and see the adsb or GPS data of the quadcopter.
2 replies
Kadir Doğan
Hi. I'm looking to add some control and navigation algorithms to Ardupilot. Is there any guide for that? If someone has done this before, can they contact with me? Thanks
Jaime Machuca
PingRX does not transmit ADSB data
Hey, How can I add custom C programm or script run on boot ?
Can I use Eclipse with WSL on Windows 10? Not enamored with Cygwin64 with Eclipse. I could not see a guide to this.
image.png Above seems to be where I am having an issue setting up Ardupilot to compile with waf within Eclipse -- pointing it to python2.7 No issues with doing in in a bash session. Does Eclipse work with WSL?
Or more specifically can you compile through Eclipse on WSL?
MX Mavproxy on pi zero, unable to connect. Says link 1 down

MX Using /dev/ttyAMA0

Any solutions to this issue?

Anthony Velte
I'm looking for ways to access cpu temperature and load. Has this been looked into before? Or are there any plans to implement the mavlink message onboard_computer_status (390)?
Hi everyone, I connected analogue Ph sensor to pixhawk1 6.6v adc, I want to get data from it. On my pixhawk I use nuttxOS with ardusub v3.5.4, I didn't found message for asking Raw data with pymavlink.
it seems that P is more bigger,it's Z axis tune.
Hey I'm trying to get a tilt mask set up for a tilt rotor tricopter. What's the tilt tricopter when all three tilt? We haven't been able to make sense of it
I guessed 7, but my back motor isn't spinning
We have the left and right motors set to motors 1 and 2. The back set to motor 4
I got it... 11
Any one tried to control brushless gimbal using ESC using pixhawk directly?
Any code to do so?
Anybody tried to simulate LibNPNT Firmware (https://github.com/bugobliterator/ardupilot/tree/pr-libnpnt)?
Sripad Sahu
Hi! I am trying to run sim_vehicle.py on Copter-3.5.2, But getting this as error :
/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/string_fortified.h:34:33: error: ‘void* __builtin_memcpy(void*, const void*, long unsigned int)’ forming offset [11, 16] is out of the bounds [0, 10] [-Werror=array-bounds]
And I get a warning :
WARNING: Unable to load XML validator libraries. XML validation will not be performed
Is the above error caused by due to this particular warning ? And any tips on how to tackle this?
Sripad Sahu
the error is coming from :
In file included from /usr/include/string.h:495,
                 from ../../libraries/AP_Param/AP_Param.h:23,
                 from ../../libraries/AP_Math/AP_Math.h:9,
                 from ../../libraries/AP_Mount/SoloGimbal_Parameters.h:2,
                 from ../../libraries/AP_Mount/SoloGimbal_Parameters.cpp:1:
In function ‘void* memcpy(void*, const void*, size_t)’,
    inlined from ‘void mavlink_msg_param_set_send(mavlink_channel_t, uint8_t, uint8_t, const char*, float, uint8_t)’ at libraries/GCS_MAVLink/include/mavlink/v2.0/ardupilotmega/../protocol.h:176:9,
    inlined from ‘void SoloGimbal_Parameters::set_param(gmb_param_t, float)’ at ../../libraries/AP_Mount/SoloGimbal_Parameters.cpp:112:31,
    inlined from ‘void SoloGimbal_Parameters::update()’ at ../../libraries/AP_Mount/SoloGimbal_Parameters.cpp:164:22:
/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/string_fortified.h:34:33: error:void* __builtin_memcpy(void*, const void*, long unsigned int)’ forming offset [11, 16] is out of the bounds [0, 10] [-Werror=array-bounds]
   34 |   return __builtin___memcpy_chk (__dest, __src, __len, __bos0 (__dest));
Sripad Sahu
Any suggestions ? I have been on this for last 2 days but couldnt figure out the issue.
What is the difference between an AP_Param::GroupInfo and an AP_Param::Info? I.e. why have both of these data structures? Is one a legacy from an early version of AP?
Muhammed Yusuf
Hello everbody, I was running ArduCopter sitl and dronekit for my project. I could able to send condition yaw and set position target for x,y,z velocities. But when I change to ArduPlane fixed wing these commands are not working any more I'm getting COMMAND_ACK: CONDITION_YAW: UNSUPPORTED for MAV_CMD_CONDITION_YAWmessage and when I try to send set_position_target_local_ned_encodemessage for pitch or else I don't get any error except COMMAND ACK: DO_CHANGE_SPEED: ACCEPTED for my pre-defined change speed function in this case my speed is not changing. Lookslike everthing is running differen in ArduPlane SITL. Also I was reading dronekit and ardupilot wikis' but I couldn't find commands/messages that sorts my request. What should I do :/
AmirHossein Javan
What is the difference between MAV_CMD_ACK and MAV_RESULT. I have a result id of 4, but I don't know it is UNSUPPORTED or FAILURE.
eNTi hi
eNTi anyone else seen some sudo weirdness today?
eNTi my password is no longer accepted
eNTi to be more precise: sudo <command> still works, but sudo su doesn't
Hello, does there exist a jmavsim for ARDUPILOT?
haveing issues with dronekit-sitl on my mac
when trying to setup the Arducopter via ./Tools/autotest/sim_vehicle.py -v ArduCopter I get the following error: SIM_VEHICLE: Using defaults from (/Users/nnorit/workspace_freetime/MajaBeeR/ardupilot/Tools/autotest/default_params/copter.parm) SIM_VEHICLE: Run ArduCopter SIM_VEHICLE: "/Users/nnorit/workspace_freetime/MajaBeeR/ardupilot/Tools/autotest/run_in_terminal_window.sh" "ArduCopter" "/Users/nnorit/workspace_freetime/MajaBeeR/ardupilot/build/sitl/bin/arducopter" "-S" "--model" "+" "--speedup" "1" "--defaults" "/Users/nnorit/workspace_freetime/MajaBeeR/ardupilot/Tools/autotest/default_params/copter.parm" "-I0" SIM_VEHICLE: Run MavProxy SIM_VEHICLE: "mavproxy.py" "--out" "" "--out" "" "--master" "tcp:" "--sitl" "" /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/billiard- RuntimeWarning: force_execv is not supported as the billiard C extension is not installed warnings.warn(RuntimeWarning(W_NO_EXECV)) Connect tcp: source_system=255 [Errno 61] Connection refused sleeping [Errno 22] Invalid argument sleeping [Errno 61] Connection refused sleeping [Errno 22] Invalid argument sleeping Failed to connect to tcp: : [Errno 22] Invalid argument SIM_VEHICLE: Killing tasks
I figured it out
does ArduPilot SITL have a Graphic Gui