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Hi, here's a PR to fix mavutil telemetry log writing for UDP ArduPilot/pymavlink#420
Emiliano Alonzo

Hi, I'm working in a UTM (https://github.com/portableutm/dronfiesuss) and I need integrate it with mavlink.

In particular I want to define a new messages, for do that use mavgen as described in https://mavlink.io/en/getting_started/generate_libraries.html

The problem is that I don't know how use the generated py file with pymavlink. Is there a tutorial that shows how to use it?


2 replies
Hi, starting to work with pymavlink. Connection is ok, parameters read/write also. Now I'm stuck on sending a message that is not a parameter (MANUAL_CONTROL for exemple) ; I'm searching for an equivalent of connection.param_set_send for other type of messages, without success. Do I need to consider defining "new message" (and thus to generate the lib) or am I missing something? Thanks
4 replies
Ajay Karthik

Hi, I am noob to programming. I am trying to send custom messages from ardupilot to GCS. I read the documentation from here https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/code-overview-adding-a-new-mavlink-message.html.
i added this to ardupilotmega.xml in ardupilot/modules/mavlink/pymavlink/dialects/v20/ardupilotmega.py

<message id="3001" name="CUSTOM_DATA">
      <description>Drone Data</description>
       <field type="char[50]" name="text">Status text message, without null termination character</field>
      <field type="uint16_t" name="id">Unique (opaque) identifier for this statustext message.  May be used to reassemble a logical long-statustext message from a sequence of chunks.  A value of zero indicates this is the only chunk in the sequence and the message can be emitted immediately.</field>
      <field type="uint8_t" name="chunk_seq">This chunk's sequence number; indexing is from zero.  Any null character in the text field is taken to mean this was the last chunk.</field>

and i reinstalled the updated pymavlink version from ardupilot.
But when I run this code this code I receive this error AttributeError: 'MAVLink' object has no attribute 'custom_data'.
This is the snippet.

from pymavlink import mavutil
import time
from pymavlink.dialects.v20 import ardupilotmega as mavlink2

the_connection = mavutil.mavlink_connection('udpout:localhost:14550')

while True:
    txt = "yaaaaaaa"

Any help would be appreciative.

2 replies

Hi, I am trying to get a drone to do an orbit in gazebo simulator using pymavlink code. But pymavlink doesn't have the MAV_CMD_DO_ORBIT message.

Any idea on how to do this ?

Andrew Tridgell
Pymavlink can send any message defined in the xml
2 replies
Hello, I don't quiet see what a Mavlink network should look like (using UDP only). Can I have more than 2 components reliably communicating on same UDP port ? Or do I have to create a new UDP connection each time that two components want to speak to each others ?
How do you debug pymavlink when I am creating listeners in dronekit but im not getting any readings.
However I am connected to the vehicle and I get mavlink messages elsewhere.
@erenaud3 - the key thing to remember when using UDP ( i use it a lot, works well) is that UDP isn't "communicating" as far as its not really two apps talking to each other, it's more like two humans standing in the same room and shouting at each other... when another human shouts into the right target ip/port , it'll be recieved there just as well as the other/s.
it also depends on if you are using multicast (shouting to everyone by design), or target a single ip/port pair, ( only the specific destination and port hears you).
... when a udp packet arrives at mission-planner , it then looks at where that packet came from, and it sends any response back to where the packet just came from. its also smart enough to identify different sysid's and it understands each sysid as a different vehicle, and will keep a separate "where to reply" udp ip/port for each vehicle, so long as they have different sysids.
1 reply
Randy Mackay
Hi there, more and more discussion is moving to discord so you are all invited to join us over there! https://ardupilot.org/discord
Kapil Rawal

Hello all,

I want to send global_position data from the ground station to pixhawk4 (PS: want to use the prebuilt messages, not custom message) is there a way to do it using telemetry radio. If yes what is the outlined method?

Thank you

how i can get the current drone altitude?

Hello all,

I want to control camera gimbal and camera zoom on web page,
so i write test code to control gimbal and zoom.

It was succeed to control gimbal, but it was failed to control zoom.

What's wrong with my python code?
And how i can control camera by using pymavlink?

    connection_string = dict_request_data['ip']
    mav = mavutil.mavlink_connection('tcp:' + connection_string)

    print("HEARTBEAT OK\n")

        1.0, 3.0, 3.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0)



except Exception:
    print('err occurred')

Above code does not throw exception, but camera does not work zoom too.

How to use the Message defined by myself? These are in the device of Raspberry 3B
I generate a new ardupilotmega.py by the software of MAVLink Generator, but I don't how to use the .py file
5 replies
Hello guys! I use Ardusub with pixhawk, as companion computer I used rapberryPi. I used Examples for Ardusub : https://www.ardusub.com/developers/pymavlink.html
Before, I configured my server with --master=/dev/autopilot,115200
--out udpin:localhost:5050
--cmd="set heartbeat 0"
--out udpin:localhost:9000
--out udpout:localhost:9002
--out udpin:
--out udpbcast:
--aircraft telemetry
--streamrate 10

For now I have 2 during Problems :
1) When I added string --out udpin:localhost:5050,
I used it for internal usage with companion computer. After it , I run script on my companion computer

Example of how to Arm and Disarm an Autopilot with pymavlink


Import mavutil

from pymavlink import mavutil

Create the connection

master = mavutil.mavlink_connection('udpout:')

Wait a heartbeat before sending commands




master.arducopter_arm() or:

1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)

IT script worked correct, I saw in QGC, how it changed to ARM mode, but I can't receive heardbeat from this script.This is the first problem.
The second problem is consist with, that I'm using script for sending GPS data, I used it internally and from host machine too(the main difference between host machine and companion, is that waiting for the heardbeat in companion are stuck, so I comment waitforheartbeat in companion scripts.) I want to set GPS data and see some mark of underwater vehicle on qgc. Sorry , for incorrect python script displaying :
import time
  # Import mavutil
  from pymavlink import mavutil

  # Create the connection 
  master = mavutil.mavlink_connection('udpout:')
  # Wait a heartbeat before sending commands

  # GPS_TYPE need to be MAV
  while True:
        0,  # Timestamp (micros since boot or Unix epoch)
        0,  # ID of the GPS for multiple GPS inputs
        # Flags indicating which fields to ignore (see GPS_INPUT_IGNORE_FLAGS enum).
        # All other fields must be provided.
        8 | 16 | 32,
       80000,  # GPS time (milliseconds from start of GPS week)
       0,  # GPS week number
       3,  # 0-1: no fix, 2: 2D fix, 3: 3D fix. 4: 3D with DGPS. 5: 3D with RTK
       57 * 1E7,  # Latitude (WGS84), in degrees * 1E7
       34 * 1E7,  # Longitude (WGS84), in degrees * 1E7
       0,  # Altitude (AMSL, not WGS84), in m (positive for up)
       1,  # GPS HDOP horizontal dilution of position in m
       1,  # GPS VDOP vertical dilution of position in m
       0,  # GPS velocity in m/s in NORTH direction in earth-fixed NED frame
       0,  # GPS velocity in m/s in EAST direction in earth-fixed NED frame
       0,  # GPS velocity in m/s in DOWN direction in earth-fixed NED frame
       0,  # GPS speed accuracy in m/s
       0,  # GPS horizontal accuracy in m
       0,  # GPS vertical accuracy in m
       7   # Number of satellites visible.
    print("Portion of GPS was send")
20 replies
Hello pymavlink community! I have some question, I wrote simple script which have to turn my wehicle into auto mode. I saw in library, there is some enum with auto regime. I use ardusub, and when I try to set mode to auto, it failed. Only when I use qgc, and set point mission, after start, it changed to auto mode, why? What's the logick of it, or it just can't set auto mode without waypoints?
Hello mavlink community, I try to send gps data via pymavlink but it failed, I'm using pixhawk with ardusub. Is it correct or not, my mavproxy on companion computer configured as
--out udpin:localhost:5050
--cmd="set heartbeat 0"
--out udpin:localhost:9000
--out udpout:localhost:9002
--out udpin:
--out udpbcast:
--out udpbcast:
--aircraft telemetry
--streamrate 10
And where I can find pymavlink documentation for correct work messages and commands?
Sattyam jain

Hello, I am working on mavlink messaging integration with PX4 simulation
python3 -m pymavlink.tools.mavgen --lang=JavaScript --wire-protocol=2.0 --output=generated/include/mavlink/v2.0 message_definitions/v1.0/common.xml

then i have got v2.0.js
mavlink20.messages.heartbeat = function(type, autopilot, base_mode, custom_mode, system_status, mavlink_version) {
this.format = '<IBBBBB';
this.id = mavlink20.MAVLINK_MSG_ID_HEARTBEAT;
this.order_map = [1, 2, 3, 0, 4, 5];
this.crc_extra = 50;
this.name = 'HEARTBEAT';
this.fieldnames = ['type', 'autopilot', 'base_mode', 'custom_mode', 'system_status', 'mavlink_version'];
on Running this function
TypeError: this.set is not a function
please help me in this issue.

Ali Raza Syed
hello, is it possible to send commands such as "HIL_ACTUATOR_CONTROLS ( #93 )" using pymavlink. I am working with jMAVsim simulation.
Montraz Oliver
Hello I am fairly new to the pymavlink language and rovers. However I am confused on code that will send servo control to my pixhawk. I've seen examples on overriding rc inputs but not overriding servo control for steering. Any suggestions?

Hello, what is the best way to check the arm status of a flight controller? I found the following code but realized that it always returns TRUE even if the controller is disarmed.

def is_armed(): try: return bool(master.wait_heartbeat().base_mode & 0b10000000) except: return False

Hello pymavlink community! I want to set waypoints of mission via pymavlink, is some functionality or example for it?

:point_up: October 31, 2020 5:20 PM

I've had success using this function to check if the vehicle is armed
av_armed = bool(connection.motors_armed())

connection being a pymavlink object
I've also found it helpful to ask Ardupilot to send https://mavlink.io/en/messages/common.html#EXTENDED_SYS_STATE message, which contains if the vehicle is flying or not. You can send https://mavlink.io/en/messages/common.html#MAV_CMD_SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL to request that message from APM (it's not in any of the default stream rate things)

Hi everyone! I have another question, but it because of poor documentation,
I have a reference about messasges:

but I can't undarstand, which kind of command belong for this messages in pymavlink, is there some documentation about it?

I want to transfer data , for waypoint mission, without ethernet cable
I'm not sure I fully understand the question, but the mavwp module is the thing you want to use to manipulate missions on a connected autopilot
stijo joseph

HI GUYS ,PLEASE kindly look into this issue.

iam trying to communicate qground controller to raspberry pi
through this script

from pymavlink import mavutil

Start a connection listening to a UDP port

the_connection = mavutil.mavlink_connection('udpin:localhost:14550')

Wait for the first heartbeat

This sets the system and component ID of remote system for the link



print("Heartbeat from system (system %u component %u)" % (the_connection.target_system, the_connection.target_system))

**the script is running fine BUT IAM NOT GETTING any heart beat message

i havent connnected any flightcontrollers to raspberry pi is that the problem.
or is there any need of flightcontroller for this script to run the heartbeat



Hi everyone, I'm needing help receiving the relative altitude of my simulated drone using pymavlink. I have a script running on a RPi which is connecting to SITL via tcp. My code is as follows:

master = mavutil.mavlink_connection('tcp:IPaddress:5762')
msg = master.recv_match(type="GLOBAL_POSITION_INT",blocking=True)
relative_alt = msg.relative_alt

I successfully get a value back, but have noticed that the altitude is outdated. My script successfully changes the altitude of the drone via RC commands and QGC accurately reflects the changing altitude in real time, but the altitude being received by my Pi lags by tens of seconds. Anyone know what might cause this lag?

Hi folks, any information as to why there was a new pypi release in december, but the included mavlink definitions are waaaay outdated (seem to be older than 4 years) ?
okay I see, the definitions are included from https://github.com/ArduPilot/mavlink not https://github.com/mavlink/mavlink, but "diverge slightly" is a little bit optimistic with 852 commits behind .... any reason there is so much diversion?
Amilcar Lucas
@zzaurak The Ardupilot projects does not use "work-in-progress" messages. Hence the divergence. Otherwise the repo is mostly up-to date
@amilcarlucas okay thanks for the clarification! It's a little hard to find the information, that the PyPi version of pymavlink is built around the ardupilot mavlink fork. Especially since the pymavlink is officially the python binding implementation for mavlink.io - I wanted to implement a simple mavlink camera with python (which by the way is not marked WIP anymore) but the messages i want to use are not yet included in ardupilot/mavlink definitions .... (MAV_CMD_REQUEST_VIDEO_STREAM_INFORMATION etc)
It would be really great if there were either an option for the PyPi package to use the official mavlink message definitions or to just use them by default - or rename the package to pymavlink-ardupilot and have the official release under pymavlink ... that would be waaaay less confusing
i understand that the diversion was way less in the past, hence there weren't many problems, but that simply seems to not be the case anymore
Hi, I want to use "SET_POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED" in my python code. What the currect way to write it in the code?

This is simple code I tried but i got AtributeError "module 'pymavlink.dialects.v20.ardupilotmega' has no attribute 'POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED'"

autopilot.target_system, # autopilot system id
autopilot.target_component, # autopilot component id
mavutil.mavlink.SET_POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED, # command id,
0, # confirmation
0, #
1,1,MAV_FRAME_BODY_OFFSET_NED,0b0000111111000111,0,0,0,0,0,0,2,2,0,0,0,0 # unused parameters for this command

My problem is incorrect syntax? or maybe my installed pymavlink is not in the currect place?

Ali Raza Syed
Does anyone have resources on how to work with the hil_actuator_control_send function? I am trying to control a simulated quadrotor in jmavsim, however sending the HIL_ACTUATOR_CONTROL MAVLINK message doesnt apear to make the drone move or anything.
Friends, I want to know that the mav attribute in mavutil.py comes from the classes and methods under that py file. I am a novice and I am troubled by this.