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James Lucas
that way you can keep whichever changes you want out of the PR
James Sutton
nice, yeah I'm good at regular ol commits & merges, PR's are a new thing for me (I don't work in the backend team ofc heh)
rad I'll do that
James Lucas
thanks :) however you're comfortable doing it is best, like I say I'm fairly clueless with a lot of it...
I've started to get through my backlog of non-rust things a little more. Hopefully that means I'll have some time to really dig into the project again soon :)
James Sutton
:smile: yeah AtheMathmo/rusty-machine#155 isn't blocking me at a grand scale, just blocking the clustering tool from working
we're clustering just to make KNN faster over a huge dataset so it's not 100% necessary at the moment
hierarchical clustering lets you do neat things like partition datasets when searching for recommendations/etc
James Lucas

@andrewcsmith have you had a chance to see my comments on #155 ?

I'm taking another look now to try and find the regression

Zack M. Davis
@AtheMathmo dunno if you already saw, but it looks like someone scooped you on integrating with LAPACK: https://github.com/masonium/linxal
James Lucas
ha I did see! I'm glad someone did it - truly it's not been a hugely motivating goal for me personally and I haven't really got a good idea of how it should look in rulinalg.
Sean Martin
@AtheMathmo re: #145 After trying out some tests and benchmarks for the QR-based lin_reg training method I had, this implementation at least is probably not worth the speed trade-off (the cases where it makes a noticeable difference in parameters aren't super-realistic and it's much slower).
Sean Martin
Although it should be noted that some large portion of the slow-down is likely due to my implementation, since the theoretical differences are not nearly so large.
James Lucas
Hey @phasedchirp sorry that I missed this message.
It's possible that your approach has some stability advantages that might be worth looking into. I'm not too sure personally and would need to do some reading I imagine
Sean Martin
@AtheMathmo it has some minor stability advantages in terms of the stability of the solution informal tests, but only in the really artificial case that I tried.
James Lucas
I'll try to find some time to take a look through the code this weekend. We might be able to close the performance gap a little
James Sutton
hey @AtheMathmo sorry about the PR being on hold forever, we got pretty swamped for the past few months at work and changed gears, will look at closing it sometime this/next week.
James Lucas
@zeryx - no worries at all! I've also had a couple very busy months and had to put a lot of things on hold myself. Take your time :)
I am training a svm, and I get pretty horribly results. Below are the results of actual and predicted. The actual is on the bottom.
Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 10.34.08 AM.pdf
I was thinking to use GP
any suggestions?
this is a time series data.
Also how can models be saved?
Hello all, i have question, it's kinda of a blocker for me
i want to use NB classifier
but the problem is that i have a huge set, 2.3M document and 300k feature, it's stored in a sparse matrix, but the classifier only accepts dense matrix
Alexandre Janniaux
Hi :)