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Repo info
    Hello Joseph
    Joseph Krug
    Jeffrey Wilcke
    I don’t know what you guys did, but you really screwed up my gitter :-)
    Joseph Krug
    what'cha mean haha?
    Jeffrey Wilcke
    Only shows 2 messages from May and it says deprecated. Also this channel shows up twice and I can't leave it for some reason.
    anyone online right now?
    got a question for augur.js folks
    posted a question there but no one is available
    I've got something wrong in this presumption, so I'm going to ask. I want to use augur to run the moderation for a forum, the api doesn't support creating a totally new market to categorize all the per post moderation details and I fail to understand how to make a new market through the api.. Is this a completely bad idea?
    with totally new market, I possibly just mean a branch, if that's the organizatory system augur uses.
    so, I want to run augur on binary choices on loads of ssmall issues, is this doable?
    Iuri Matias
    you're probably looking for the slack http://invite.augur.net/
    Ahmed Ali
    Hiya, wanted to ask. When you make a new augur market, do you start out owning all the tokens created for that market?
    Drew Stone
    Is there a documented way to compile all Augur contracts to get the ABI or just a place where the ABIs are published?
    I can't seem to find any generated ABIs when using the scripts in the augur-core repo