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Yuval Steinberg
Hi, changing my Kue to use 'ioredis'. However I have issues with backwards data since it wrapps the prefix with {}. At redis.js:72-76 it does that, mentioning that "is needed in using ioredis cluster to keep they keys in same node", however it does so with an OR check. I'm using Sentinel & ioredis, and there is no reason to add the brackets. Am I correct?
Daniel Lauzon
Does anyone know of any bindings to kue from golang?
Søren Krabbe
I cannot find document of node version requirements. Does kue run on node 0.10?
Harin Sanghirun
how does kue handle done() being called from ttl'ed job?
Daniel Acuña

@conorcodes eventually I just solved it extracting the db value and setting it as Kue was expecting.

import URL from 'url';
const parsed = 'redis://yourredisurl?db=10'
parsed.pathname = parsed.query.db;

const jobQueue = kue.createQueue({
  redis: URL.format(parsed),

I submitted the bug on github and provided a pull request, but nothing happened :P, this solves it temporarily.

I’m having issues getting kue to load on any alternate redis connection. Is there a secret to making that work on non-default values?
Andrew Pratt
@umarservishero I'm having that same problem - did you ever find a resolution?
has anyone had success with using async functions as their task handler method?
Pa B Ma (pmaganti)
Does anyone know how to release the open redis connection after Job completed? For example, if there 10 jobs are on queue, 20 connections are opening for redis and this can be seen using
sudo lsof -i tcp:6379 | wc -l
I need those connections to be closed to make sure the file open limit can be shared across other processes.
does kue support remote worker setup
Henrik Sommerland
Henrik Sommerland
Hello poeple!
Is there a way to handle "dissapearing" workers with Kue?
I'm trying to apply it in a distributed setting where the workers resides on remote nodes that occasionally get killed for arbitrary reasons.
Now these jobs just remain in the queue as active forever.
Is there a way to do some kind of timeout or similar?
Henrik Sommerland
Hello again!
I would really like to add some more error checking to Kue. I have had a lot of headaches debugging silent errors and inconsistencies caused by for example giving the incorrect event type?
To what branch do you prefer pull requests?
Henrik Sommerland
ping @behrad
how can i remove completed job info in redis ?
To what branch do you prefer pull requests?
if you are currently using a 0.x: master
if you can conform to new unreleased version: v1
Harry James
Hi there - I'm new to kue and I'm having an issue with getting started. Do I need any other dependencies before installing kue via npm? Right now I'm getting a "Redis connection to failed - connect ECONNREFUSED" error when trying to use kue.createQueue(); - Do I also need to install redis via npm?
Harry James
Not to worry! Answered my own question ^
Maksim Norkin
Hi guys! Quick question - can I get a list of all messages in some queue?
Nassi Harel
Single consumer use 4 Redis clients. How can I decrease these clients?
Nassi Harel
Why the consumers check the ttl of the jobs?
Christoph Diehl
hi. got some trouble. "test": "export NODE_ENV=test && mocha server/test i am exporting 'test' to NODE_ENV. my app picks it up and loads the respective configuration but the new worker processes do no pick up the NODE_ENV and are using a different loaded config (default = development)
is there some common practice in how to handle this situation?
Christoph Diehl
David He
anybody here?
Claudio Savino
hello, I implemented some jobs, in local all is working ok, after deploy, on server some jobs are stuck in "inactive/queued" state, and sometimes they are executed twice! I've also used queue.watchStuckJobs(5000) but still have the issue
Lucas Reppe Welander
Hello, on the queue.process() can I get the first parameter as a variable? I'm having like 6 different jobs, and would love to be able to write just one queue process just to keep my code down, as right now there are 6 exact equal functions just calling other functions with strings instead of variables.
I was thinking something like queue.process(type, 1, (job, done) => { jobs[type](job.data).then(result) => {done();} });
Hi, is there an API for kue to search a job by data?
I have a usecase in which I have to abort scheduled jobs, the best solution would be to find them by some root attributes of the job-data
Ideally - kue can feature that.
Also acceptable - query it on the REDIS
I am seeing my jobs fire the 'start' event before the 'enqueue' event. Is this normal? I was expecting the 'enqueue' event to fire when the job queue.create() is called, then when the job is started, I was expecting the 'start' event.
Szymon Kumorowski
Hello, is there possiblity to use sql database instead of redis ?
Hi all
There is a main server.js file listening on port 80, and in it a task is created for kue, in a parallel process kue picks up these tasks and executes, which open new port. Is that statement right ?
Alyx Baldwin
Hi, I'm learning kue now and need a sanity check: is it best practice to createQueue on server start or to createQueue on each function call that requires a new batch of jobs?
Marcin Dryka
Guys, what is typical memory usage of redis for kue? I'm having 279 messages and 3.683GiB memory usage. Strange, isn't it?
Victor Justo V.
Is this library still mantained?
Marcin Dryka
Based on answer to my question above you wan't get answer to yours ;-)
anyway kue works pretty well and we are using it.
(as a support for delayed messages in RabbitMQ)
Victor Justo V.
@drymek Did you ever encounter the dreaded stuck jobs issue? If so how did you solve it? I'm facing it right now and desperatly looking for an answer.
Marcin Dryka
Nope. We have pretty simple worker:
 delayedQueue.process(name, (job, done) => {
              .then(() => done())
              .catch((error) => logger.error(error, 'RabbitMQ add to queue error'));
But you can use redis directly as well. Keys are HSET, so run redis-cli, then KEYS * will give you what's inside, HGETALL key will give you all information about job. HGET key data will return your message.
Suhun Han
Hi guys, have a question: what is the first argument of job.reattempt(attempt: number)? There is no documentation about this argument, and I assumed it is how many attempts to be processed, but it seems not anyway I would like to clarify what it is.
any one know how to update job data ? #316 dosent seam to work any more ?
Weyert de Boer
@weyert hi